Online Quiz Ch. 17

  1. The ________ shows that beyond a certain level of spending for advertising, diminishing returns set in.
    advertising response function
  2. Wal-Mart introduced a series of ads designed to respond to consumer concerns about fair labor practices. This is an example of:
    advocacy advertising
  3. ________ is used to raise consumers' awareness of a brand new product.
    pioneering advertising
  4. ________ is used to respond to the introduction of competitive products.
    competitive advertising
  5. A TV ad that highlights how Brand X is far superior to Brand Y is an example of:
    comparative advertising
  6. A(n) ________ of a product should answer the question "What's in it for me?"
  7. Profit, health, convenience and vanity are all examples of a(n):
    advertising appeal
  8. Lifestyle, spokesperson/testimonial and demonstrations are all examples of:
    message execution
  9. Advergaming, magazines and radio are all examples of:
  10. The term ________ refers to how many times a person receives a certain advertising message.
  11. Accenture schedules most of their TV advertisements to run during PGA golf broadcasts, while running fewer during other times. This is an example of a:
    flighted media schedule
  12. A newspaper ad for a local apparel retailer that runs every Sunday is an example of a:
    continuous media schedule
  13. James Bond movies prominently feature Aston Martin automobiles, Omega watches and Nokia mobile phones. This is an example of:
    product placement
  14. The biggest category of corporate sponsorship is:
  15. For every bottle of water sold, Ethos Water donates money for clean water projects in the emerging economies. This is an example of:
    cause-related marketing
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