1. What is a Dot Density Map?
    • Any symbol can be used
    • Advantage-illistrates spatial density
    • Disadvantage-misperception of density
    • -inability to recover original data
  2. What is a Dot Density Map?
    • Dot=1 Unit
    • Easiest to understand
    • No legend
    • Cartographer has percise control
    • Dot=2 or more units
    • more common
    • requires careful approach
    • points for polygons
    • Enumeration unit
    • Smallest statistical area should be choosen
  3. What is a Flow Map?
    • Represents movement
    • Quantitative (Amount)
    • Qualitative (Type)
    • Routes a line should follow the actually route taken
    • Human or cultural
    • Map Organization
    • Figure/Ground-Flow lines should be figures
    • Lines shouldnt obscure base map
    • Place center of flow carefully
    • Line Scaling
    • -Usually proportionally scaled lines
    • -Watch size of arrow and branches
    • Legend
    • -Should be clear
    • -Lines may be labeled
  4. What is a Cartogram?
    • Very unique appearance
    • Size of state can be picked by a factor
    • Area of boundrie is porportional to data they represent
    • Raw data, Ratio data, no classification or symbolization
    • Types
    • Continguous Cartogram-no missing/blank area, shape more familiar
    • Non Contingous Cartogram-moved apart, true to shape
    • Purpose
    • need to recognize mapped feature
    • preserve shape orientation contiguity
    • Dramatic data needed
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