Online Quiz Ch. 16

  1. A marketer communicates with buyers and tries to influence them through:
  2. Lower prices, higher quality, and excellent service are all examples of:
    competitive advantage
  3. The combination of advertising, public relations and promotion that a company uses to reach consumers is known as:
    promotional mix
  4. Hummer begana new campaign to respond to public concerns that their SUVs are harmful to the environment. This is an example of:
    public relations
  5. ________ is information about a company that appears as a news item and for which the company does not pay.
  6. A car salesmen speaking directly with a potential buyer is an example of:
    interpersonal communication
  7. A message that is sent to large audiences, such as through newspaper or TV, is a form of:
    mass communication
  8. Which of the following is not an example of a channel for a message?
    the organization
  9. ________ refers to things that prevent receivers from detecting a certain message.
  10. ________ is the form of sales that provides high amounts of feedback, control over message content and great message flexibility.
    personal selling
  11. Web 2.0 technologies for communication include all of the following except:
    banner ads
  12. Corporate blogs create a(n) ________ feedback channel for masses of consumers.
  13. ________ is more prevalent during the early stages of the product life cycle.
  14. ________ is more prevalent during the maturity stage of the product life cycle.
  15. The four elements of the AIDA concept are:
    attention, intrest, desire, action
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Online Quiz Ch. 16
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