1. hatching
    a series of lines that follow the contours of the form
  2. draw
    to create the impression of shapes and forms on a surface through the use of lines
  3. medium
    the material with which an artist works (watercolor,oil paint,charcol)
  4. line drawing
    3 dimensional objects may be depicted by means of lines drawn to follow their outlines
  5. stippling
    soft clusters of dots to develop areas of different values or colors
  6. graphite
    a soft form of carbon mixed with clay encased in wood
  7. dry medium
  8. sketch
    thinking on paper,studying the proportions,lines and dynamic of gestures
  9. gestural
    revealing the artists hand at work their personality or energy
  10. marks
    reflect movements and skill
  11. conte crayon
    fine texured,grease free stick made from powdered graphite and clay. Red ocher,soot and blackstone is added for color.
  12. resin
    binding agent used to make pastels
  13. pastel
    a chalky stick made with powdered pigment plus filler. deposits massive color when rubbed on textured paper
  14. sfumato
    italian for a smoky appearence that softens lines and contours
  15. cartoon
    a full sized drawing done as a model for a painting
  16. chalk
    natually ocuring deposit of calcium carbonate and varying minerals,built up from fossil seashells
  17. fixative
    coating a drawing to prevent smudging
  18. charcoal
    charred wood or vines in varying widths and hardness,moves freely across the paper
  19. silverpoint
    15th and 16th centuries;a hard finely pointed rod in a holder. The paper is coated w/a white pigment that will hold the grains of metal
  20. liquid medium
  21. Pen and ink
    drawing done with liquid medium usually produces uniform or varied lines according to pressure and direction of pen.
  22. wash
    thinned with water or spirit to soften or diluite lines
  23. brush and ink
    application of ink without any penned marks(oriental)
  24. Buddhism
    places great emphasis on direct spiritual experience. The unity of all underlying things
  25. painting
    coating a surface with colored areas using a hand tool
  26. pigments
    particles of color
  27. indirect method
    execute a painting in stages,beginning with drawing.
  28. underpainting
    defining major forms and values in a painting
  29. direct method (alla prima)
    painting imagery directly onto the support without underlayers
  30. impasto
    spontaneity in brush strokes (Van Gogh)
  31. Gesso
    a treatment to canvas(titanium dioxide) to keep oils from rotting canvas
  32. unsized
    untreated canvases,usually used with acrylics
  33. encaustic
    mixing pigments with wax. early method used by Greeks,Romans and egyptians
  34. fresco
    "fresh" in Italian,made famous by Renaissance painters
  35. Buon fresco
    traditional fresco technique,must be created quickly,allowing little room for error
  36. intonaco
    a fine powder applied to fresco wall,applied over the cartoon in small sections
  37. A secco
    paint applied to plaster after it has dried
  38. tempera
    mixing pigments with water and a glutinous substance(egg yolk)
  39. modulations
    variations of light and textures
  40. burnished
    rubbed to a gloss
  41. terra verte
    green earth used in underpaintings
  42. luminosity
    a technique where underpainting and overpainting with layers of glazes causes the painting to have a glowing look
  43. Glaze
    films of pigments suspended in a transparent medium
  44. Scumbling
    brushing one opaque latyer of paint on top of a dried lower lyaer in such a way that some of the undercolor still shows through
  45. gouache
    An opaque medium that is water-soluble and mixed with inert pigments for opacity
  46. ground
    the surface on which a two-dimensional work is developed
  47. mandala
    circular symbolic design
  48. synthetic method
    chemically created medium
  49. acrylic emulsion
    water-based medium that can be used straight from the tube with techniques similar to those of oil paints
  50. airbrush
    thins out acrylics and sprays them out in a fine mist
  51. collage
    a compilation of documents and drawings that have a collective meaning glued on a two-dimensional surface
  52. Mosaic
    picture composed of small pieces of colored ceramic tile, glass, pebble, marble, or wood.
  53. tesserae
    cubes of natural stone that can readily be distinguished in a detail view but not from a distance.
  54. mixed media
    New forms of art that cross all boundaries made by former artworks
  55. prints
    images made by transference of ink from a wrked surface onto a piece of paper usually in multiples
  56. monotype
    printmaking process in which the artist paints an image directly onto a sheet of metal or glass with printer's ink or paint and then presses paper onto it to transfer the image
  57. blind embossed
    covers of books pressed against an uninked cut plate of metal to create an image taht can be seen only when it is turned against the light to bring out hte shadows in its indentations
  58. relief
    when an object is carved so that lines and areas to be printed are raised above areas that will stay blank
  59. woodcut
    a drarwing of the intended image is created on or transferred to a smooth block of soft wood
  60. Ukiyo-e
    A japanese printing technique that cuts a series of precisely matched blocks, each having only the area to be printed in a certain color raised as a printing surface.
  61. mezzotint
    a printmaking technique in which an overall burr is raised on the surface of the metal plate and then smoothed in places, creating various tones and textures
  62. plate
    a flat surface
  63. planographic
    referring to a printmaking technique in which images are transferred from a flat surface
  64. lithography
    a printmaking technique in which a flat stone or metal or plastic plate is drawn on with a greasy substance that retains ink when the wettened plate is inked for printing
  65. offset lithography
    a commercial printmaking process in which the inking of illustrastions and text is offset fro mthe plate onto a rubber-covered cylinder that transfers them to paper so that the printed image reads the same way as the original, rather than reversed
  66. wood engraving
    when the end-grain is cut instead of being cut lengthwise
  67. aquatint
    printing method that creates toned areas rather than etching lines
  68. gouge
    the small cuts and divets used in wood engraving made by burins and gravers
  69. relief-block printing
    the use of wood blocks to create reliefs
  70. linocuts
    Cuts in linoleum that can be equally smooth and uniform in any direction
  71. reduction print
    method of continually cutting away areas ona single block
  72. intaglio
    the image is cut finto the surface of the plate and thin ink is applied to the plate and the paper is pressed onto the plate to absorb the ink in the shape of the image
  73. color separation
    done by computerized color scanners in commercial reproduction
  74. transparency
    a flexible transparent photograph of the work
  75. four-color press
    four separate plates with four separate colors (yellow, magenta, cyan, and black)
  76. color scanner
    computerized technique that distinguishes between colors and separates them
  77. silkscreen
    a fine silk or synthetic fiber screen stretched across a wooden frame is masked in places by a cut paper or plastic stencil or by lacquer, glue, or lithographic crayon
  78. line engraving
    the image is drawn on a plate of metal such as copper or copper faced with steel
  79. burin
    steel rod with a sharpened point and and a wooden handle used to cut lines
  80. etching
    a plate is coated with a waxy, acid-resistant substance. The image is drawn into this coating and the plate is bathed in an acid solution that bites grooves into metal where the needle has cut through the resist
  81. resist
    waxy, acid-resistant coating involved in etching
  82. state
    individual stage of etching
  83. vellum
    a fine parchment made of animal skin
  84. drypoint
    a sharp device used for scratching lines directly into a copper plate
  85. serigraph
    a version of a silkscreen
  86. photocopying
    an original of some sort is exposed to a bright light; the light refleccts off the white areas, is totally absorbed by the dark areas, and is reflected to varying degrees by gray and colored areas
  87. FAX art
    xeroxing of paintings
  88. mixed print media
    new ways to print such as photocopying and fax art
  89. Camera Obscura
    a dark chamber in which the image of an object enters through a lens or small opening and is focused on a facing wall
  90. photogram
    photogenic drawing created by laying objects on paper coated with light-sensitive chemicals and then exposeding it to light
  91. exposure
    placing the photogram in light after bathing in light-sensitive chemicals
  92. negative
    the result of an exposure in which the paper turns dark and the objects of the image appear light
  93. daguerrreotype
    process created by Joseph-Nicephore Niepce and Louis-Jacques-Mande Daguerre
  94. Pictoralist Movement
    time period when photography became popular and considered a fine art
  95. Documentary
    pictures taken by hired photographers to capture the poverty and destitute conditions to waken public concern for social welfare
  96. depth of field
    a quality maximized by new photography technology
  97. resolution
    sharpness of detail in a digitized image
  98. digitize
    when a photograph is stored as pixels on a digital camera
  99. tonal range
    the number of steps in the value scale a sensor can use to approximate the continuous tones of a subject
  100. dynamic range
    the degree of difference between the darkest and lightest values a sensor can register
  101. persistence of vision
    consistency in a series of photographs
  102. cinematography
    the application of photography to moving images
  103. expressionist
    artists sought to express the meaning of being alive and emotional experience instead of physical reality
  104. Avant-garde
    a group that thinks of itself as innovative and ahead of the majority
  105. montage
    the splicing together at editing stage of a variety of shots of brief duration to produce a complex visual statement
  106. flashbacks
    parts of a cinema that temporarily go back in time to related events that happened earlier
  107. compact discs
    musical information encoded as microscopic pits on a polished surface read by laser beams
  108. digital video discs
    video information encoded as microscopic pits on a polished surface read by a laser beam
  109. mulitmedia
    more than one form of media being put together to form one product
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