pharm note packet four

  1. endoparasite
    parasites that live within the body of the host
  2. ectoparasite
    parasite that lives on the outside body surface of its host
  3. helminths
    worms found in GI tract, liver, lungs, and circulatory systems
  4. nematodes
    round worms, including hooks, whips, heartworms, rounds
  5. cestodes
    tapeworms - requires int host
  6. trematodes
    flukes - requires int host
  7. protozoa
    single-celled parasite - coccidia, giarrdia, toxoplasma
  8. antitrematodal
    drugs used to eliminate trematodes
  9. praziquantels
    treats both species of tapeworms (dipylidium and taenia)
  10. emodepside/praziquantel (Profender)
    first topical dewormer for cats (rounds, hooks, and tape)
  11. Strongid, Nemex
    pyrantel (treats rounds and hooks)
  12. Droncit
    praziquantel (treats tapes)
  13. Filarabits Plus (Dogs)
    DEC and oxybendazole (heartworm, rounds, hooks, whips, taenia)
  14. Heartgard for cats
    ivermectin (heartworm only)
  15. Heartgard for dogs
    ivermectin and pyrantel (heartworm, rounds and hooks)
  16. Interceptor for Dogs
    milbemycin oxime (hearts, rounds, hooks, whips)
  17. Interceptor for cats
    milbemycin oxime (hearts, rounds, hooks)
  18. Sentinel (dogs)
    milbemycin oxime and lufenuron (hearts, rounds, hooks, whips, fleas)
  19. Revolution
    • selemectin
    • dogs- hearts, fleas, ear mites, sarcoptic mange, ticks
    • cats- same but also rounds and hooks
  20. Advantage Multi for Dogs
    imidacloprid and moxidectin (fleas, hearts, rounds, hooks, whips)
  21. Advantage Multi for cats
    imidacloprid and moxidectin (fleas, hearts, rounds, hooks, ear mites)
  22. Program
    lufenuron - fleas
  23. Advantage
    imidacloprid - fleas
  24. Frontline Plus
    fipronil - fleas, ticks, lice, aids in controlling sarcoptic mange in dogs
  25. adjuvant
    substance that may be mixed with a vaccine that enhances the immune response by increasing the stability of that vaccine in the body
  26. active immunity
    immunity that occurs from an animals own immune response after exposure to an antigen
  27. metastasis
    generally refers to the spread of cancer cells from one site to another
  28. destruction of cancer cells systemically by administration of toxic drugs
    actions not limited to cancer cells, but may damage healthy tissue
    effects in animals not always the same as in humans
    complications do occur- close patients monitoring is essential
    SAFETY first
    Chemotherapy Rules and Regs
  29. Cytoxan
    akylating agent - drugs that inhibit cell division, cell death often follows
  30. Mexate
    antimetabolites - drugs that block normal cellular functions
  31. vincristine
    akyloids - drugs that cause cell death by inhibiting miosis
  32. adriamycin
    antitumor antibiotic - drugs derived from soil fungi that bind with DNA and inhibit miosis
  33. interferon and Neupogen
    2 drugs Biologic Response Modifiers - agents used to enhance the body's immune system
  34. prednisolone and estrogens and progestins
    3 drugs Steroids - drugs used to exert anti-inflammatory and immunosuppresive effects, generally considered to be anti-inflammatory at low doses and immunosuppresive at high doses
  35. cyclosporine
    immunosuppresive - drugs that are used to treat various immune-mediated disorders
  36. antihelmintic
    drugs used to eliminate helminths from a host
  37. antinematodal
    drug used to eliminate nematodes
  38. anticestodal
    drug used to eliminate cestodes
  39. antiprotozoal
    drug used to eliminate protozoans
  40. organophosphates
    used against both endoparasites and ectoparasites
  41. macrolides
    • group of drugs that includes antimicrobial agents (such as erythromycin) and antihelmintics
    • Avermectins
    • Milbemycins
  42. Immiticide
    newer adulticide product, medication given by deep IM injections into the lumbar muscles
  43. Ivermectin
    collies are sensitive to this microfilaricide
  44. synthetic pyrethroids, chlorinated hydrocarbons
    2 insecticides not to be used on cats
  45. dip for Demodex and Sarcoptes
  46. vaccine
    liquid preparation containing the modified of killed disease causing agent
  47. Polyvalent (Multiple agent) Vaccine
    protects against several different diseases in one vaccine
  48. vaccination
    act of administering a vaccine
  49. antigen
    anything that stimulates an immune response, foreign invaders
  50. antibody
    protein made in the body to counteract a specific antigen
  51. inactivated (killed) vaccine
    made from microorganisms that have been chemically treated or heated to kill the microorganism
  52. Modified-Live (attenuated) vaccine
    made from microorganisms that have a weakened form of pathogen
  53. recombinant vaccine
    a gene or part of a microorganism is removed from one organism (usually the pathogen) and inserted into another
  54. toxoid vaccine
    vaccine used for producing immunity to a toxin rather than a bacteria or virus
  55. passive immunity
    immunity that occurs when an animal receives antibodies from another animal
  56. antitoxins
    substances that contain antibodies obtained from a healthy animal that has been hyper sensitized to a particular toxin
  57. antiserum
    antibody-rich serum obtained from a hyper sensitized or actually infected animal
  58. cancer
    any of various malignant neoplasm's characterized by the proliferation of anaplastic cells that tend to invade surrounding tissue and metastasize to new body sites
  59. neoplasia
    any new or abnormal growth of cells, specifically one in which cell multiplication is uncontrolled and progressive
  60. benign
    not malignant, not recurrent, favorable for recovery, tends not to reoccur after surgical removal
  61. malignant
    tending to become worse, usually resulting in death
  62. remission
    condition where the disease diminishes or abates, but is not gone
  63. antineoplastic (chemotherapeutic) agents
    drug use to stop the cancerous activity of malignant cells
  64. cytotoxic
    agent capable of destroying cells
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