elements of criminal offenses

  1. What are the elements of unlawfrul possession of a firearm?
    • 1. knowing
    • 2. willful
    • 3. possession of/having under one's immediate control
    • 4. [type of weapon]
    • 5. what the grounds are for unlawfulness of possession, no concealed permit...
  2. What are the elements for transporting a loaded firearm?
    • 1. knowingly
    • 2. willfully
    • 3. transporting
    • 4. a [type of firearm]
    • 5. with a (loaded clip/magazine)/bullet/shell loaded in the chamber)
    • 6. in the interior/locked exterior/trunk
    • 7. of a motor vehicle
    • 8. on a public highway/roadway
  3. What are the elements for possessing a firearm after a felony conviction?
    • 1. knowingly and willfully
    • 2. possessing/having under one's immediate control/having in any vehicle one operates/having in any vehicle in which one is riding as a passenger/having at the place where the defendant lives
    • 3. any pistol/imitation/homemade pistol/machine gun/sawed-off/dangerous/deadly firearm which could be easily concealed on the person, in personal effects, or in an auto
    • 4. the defendant was previously convicted of a felony
  4. pointing a firearm - elements
    • 1. willfully
    • 2. Pointing a firearm at a person whether loaded or not
    • 3. at any person
    • 4. without lawful cause
    • 5. for the purpose of threatening/with the intention of discharging the firrearm/with any malice/for the purpose of injuring, either throught physical, mental or emotional injury/for purposes of whimsy/humor/prank/in anger or otherwise
  5. What are the elements of reckless conduct with a firearm
    • 1. the defendant engaged in conduct with a loaded shotgun/rifle/pistol
    • 2. which created a situation of unreasonable risk and probablility of death or great bodily harm to another
    • 3. demonstrated a conscious disregard for the safety of another person
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