1. What are the 5 CPO performance evaluation factors grouped into?
    • Military
    • Performance
    • Professional Qualities
    • Leadership
    • Conduct
  2. What form is a self evaluation completed on?
  3. When marking Marks of what level require written comment?
    1, 2, & 7
  4. For mark of what must these standards be met and none in the next higher?
    2, 4 & 6
  5. What is the mark is the expected performance level of all enlisted personnel?
  6. In Direct Access how do you begin the evaluation process?
    Enter employees ID/SSN or employee name on the �Find an Existing Value� screen
  7. In DA and a comment is required how do you get to the comment screen?
    Select the �Note� button
  8. What type of budgeting methods does the CG employ?
    Zero Based Budgeting
  9. What advantages does the Zero Based Budgeting method have?
    • Eliminates a sense of �entitlement� to cost increases
    • Fosters improved cost containment
    • Promotes increased discipline in developing budgets
    • Encourages more meaningful budget discussions during planning and review sessions.
  10. How do you begin developing a departmental budget?
    Break down your departments fixed and variable expenses
  11. If as the fiscal year rolls out you discover he or she either needed more funding or requested too much what should you do?
    • Either go back to comptroller and request more funds (include justification)
    • Return excess funds so that another division may use them
  12. What are the 7 steps in the ORM Process?
    • Define Mission Task
    • Identify hazards
    • Assess risk
    • Identify options
    • Evaluate risk vs. gain
    • Execute decision
    • Monitor situation
  13. What is the SPE Model?
    • The SPE model is a method for assessing the risks identified in step 2 of the ORM process.
    • S (severity) X P (probability) X E (Exposure) = R (risk)
  14. What method should you use, according to the ORM process, to identify and evaluate risk control options?
    STAAR Method
  15. What are the steps in the STAAR method according to ORM?
    • Spread out
    • Transfer
    • Avoid
    • Accept
    • Reduce
  16. What are three watchwords in the Commandant�s direction?
    • Readiness
    • Stewardship
    • People
  17. How many major Headquarters directorates are below the Commandant?
  18. Does the Commandant, a four-star admiral, plan, supervise, and coordinate the overall act ivies of the CG?
  19. The administrative and operational command and control center for the Coast Guard is
    • ________.
    • Headquarters
  20. Does the Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard report directly to the Commandant on all matters pertaining to the well-being of Coast Guard personnel?
  21. The Mast Representatives roles are to:
    • Presents member's side of the matter
    • Makes statements geared to the commanding officer
    • Makes a plea for leniency
  22. The PIO roles are to:
    • Provides on CG-4910 a summarized opinion of what actually occurred
    • Ensures Details of Offenses on CG-4910 supported by evidence
    • Recommends a disposition
    • Conducts inquiry into each element of the offense
  23. The 28 Leadership Competencies are broken down into 4 categories, what are they?
    • Leading self
    • Leading others
    • Leading performance and change
    • Leading the Coast Guard
  24. How many roles and missions does the CG have?
    • 5 roles
    • 11 missions
  25. What are the 5 CGs Roles?
    • Maritime Safety
    • Maritime Mobility
    • Protection of Natural Resources
    • Maritime Security
    • National Defense
  26. What are the 11 CG Missions?
    • Search and Rescue
    • Other Law Enforcement
    • Marine Safety
    • Aids to Navigation
    • Ports, Waterways, and Coastal Security
    • Marine Environmental Protection
    • Defense Readiness
    • Illegal Drug Interdiction
    • Ice Operations
    • Undocumented Migrant Interdiction
    • Living Marine Resources
  27. What is the national flag of the United States commonly referred to?
    The Stars and Stripes
  28. What is the U.S. national flag called when displayed on a vessel or facility?
    National Ensign
  29. What is the U.S. national flag called when carried by foot?
  30. What is the U.S. national flag called when displayed on a vehicle or aircraft?
  31. When was the name changed from the CG Standard to the CG Flag?
  32. When was the current design of the CG Flag approved?
    January 28, 1964
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