bio final pt 8

  1. Facilitated diffusion differs from diffusion in that facilitated diffusion
    involves the passive use of a carrier protein.
  2. When a cell in placed in a hypotonic solution
    water enters the cell toward the area of higher concentration.
  3. Packaging and secreting
    golgi apparatus
  4. Powerhouse of cells
  5. Protein synthesis
    rough er
  6. Control center for the cell
  7. Vesicle carrying proteins for secretion move from the er to the
    golgi apparatus
  8. Lysosomes function in
    intracellular digestion
  9. Mitochondria
    are involved in cellular respiration
  10. The active site of an enzyme
    is the part of the enzyme where the substrate can fit and can be used over and over
  11. The metabolic process that produces the most ATP molecules is
    the electron transport chain
  12. The oxygen required by cellular respiration becomes the part of which molecules
  13. made up of stratified squamous epithelium
  14. Which of the following is not a type of fibrous connective tissue
    hyaline cartilage
  15. What type of cartilage is found in the rib cage and walls of the respiratory passages
    hyaline cartilage
  16. Skeletal muscle is
    striated, multinucleated, and under voluntary control
  17. Which is true of both cardiac and smooth muscle
    involuntary control
  18. Which of the following forms the myelin sheath around nerve fibers outside the brain and spinal cord
    Schwann cells
  19. Which is not a type of epithelial tissue
    bone and cartilage
  20. What type of epithelial tissue is found in the walls of the urinary bladder to provide it with the ability to distend
    transitional epithelium
  21. Tight junctions are associated with
    epithelial tissue
  22. Without melanocytes, skin would
    not tan
  23. Which of the following is a function of skin
    temperature regulation, manufacture vitamin d, protection from invading pathogens
  24. Fluid balance is a primary goal of which
  25. The skeletal system functions in
    cell production, movement, mineral storage
  26. Which system helps control pH balance
    urinary and respiratory
  27. Which type of membrane is found in the lining systems open to the outside environment, such as the respiratory system
  28. The correct order for homeostasis processing is
    sensory detection, control center, effects brings about change in body
  29. Which allows rapid change in one direction and does not achieve stability
    positive feedback
  30. Which if the following is an example of negative feedback
    à insulin decreases blood sugar levels after eating a meal
  31. relaxation of the heart chamber
  32. rhythmic expansion and recoil of arteries resulting from heart contraction; can be felt from outside the body
  33. Saturated and unsaturated fatty acids differ
    in the number of carbon to carbon double bonds, consistency at room temp., and number of hydrogen atoms present
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