CH 8 Pelvis Sec 3

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    What muscle is labeled as number 12?

    C) Internal oblique
  2. What is the origin of the coccygeus muscle of the pelvic diaphragm?

    C) Ischial spine
  3. Which of the following muscles act to laterally rotate and adduct the thigh?(1) Iliacus(2) Obturator internus(3) Piriformis

    D) 2 and 3 only
  4. Many of the muscles of the hip (the gluteal group) insert on the:

    D) Greater trochanter of the femur
  5. The muscles of the pelvic diaphragm are the:

    D) Levator ani and coccygeus
  6. The muscles of the abdominal wall and hip are classified as:

    A) Extrapelvic muscles
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    What muscle is labeled as number 30?

    A) Obturator internus
  8. All of the following muscles are part of the pelvic wall, except for the:

    A) Pyramidalis
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