Urban Geography

  1. What is a distinctive crises phases charaterized by unused or underutilized capital and labor, mimatched supply and demand?
    Overaccumulation crises
  2. What is an economic recession accompanied by price inflation?
  3. What forms of social interaction, patterns of behavior, attitudes, values and ways of life that develop in urban settings?
  4. What is urban growth that evolves in an unplanned manner?
    Organic Growth
  5. What is an independent political unit comprising a city that controls a surrounding hinterland?
    City State
  6. What is a market area, sphere of economic influence of an urban area?
  7. What is a huge multicity, multicentered urban region?
  8. Usually refers to goods and services provided by the public sector?
    Collective consumption
  9. The slowdown in pop growth and in some cases the decline of large metropolitan areas due to the loss of people to smaller towns and rural areas?
    Counter Urbanization
  10. What is the gap in opportunities among different segments of the population and different place to access advanced information and communication technologies?
    Digital Divide
  11. What is a decentralized urban development that comprises nodal concentrations of shopping and office space situated on the outer fringes of large metropolitan areas?
    Edge City
  12. What is the construction of new housing for the affluent leads to the out migration from older properties and the subsequent occupation of this housing by persons of lower socioeconomic background?
  13. What is feasible travel up to 10 miles from the CBD in 30 minutes or so, the streetcar greatly increased the territory available for residential development and opened the way for the growth of this type of development?
    Streetcar Suburbs
  14. What is the process by which cities negotiate with large corporate investors and attempt to stimulate their local economy by attracting private enterprise with fiscal and other incentives?
    Civic Enterpreneurialism
  15. What was during and after the great depression the government in an effort to stimulate the economy promoted housing construction by the private sector and to provide hosing to U.S. households?
    Keynesian Suburb
  16. What is the theory that can be portrayed by a graph that plots the relationship between how much rent companies and households are prepared to pay for land relative to accessibility to a specific point that is usually the center of a city?
    Bid-Rent Theory
  17. What is a very large city with population of 10 million?
  18. What is the process by which automated cranes efficiently load and unload massive standardized containers filled with large amounts of cargo between the ships and the flatbeds of nearby trains?
  19. What is the functional dominance of cities within an urban system?
  20. What refers to those countries that dominate trade, control the most advanced technologies and have high levels of productivity?
  21. What is a 3 letter acronym that refers to a less developed county, formerly peripheral within the world system?
  22. What is a racial discrimination as it occurred in south africa?
  23. What is foreign investment induced urbanization characterized by export oriented, trade-creating foreign investment, and labor-inensive assembly manufacturing?
  24. What is the economic activities not subject to regulation including legal and illegal activities?
    Informal Sector
  25. What is the residential development on land that is neither owned nor rented by its occupants?
    Squatter Settlements
  26. What is a condition experienced in many LDC's in which cities grow more rapidly than the jobs and housing they can sustain?
    Over Urbanization
  27. What is the concept in which women are more likely to be poor, malnourished and otherwise disadvantaged due to gender inequalities in communities and countried?
    Feminization of Poverty
  28. What is the rate at which a particular process or activity diminishes with increasing distance, such as the tendency for those who live furthest away from the sources of goods and services to consume them less often?
    Distance Decay Effect
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