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  1. in genital herpes, what happens first?
    Puritis (itching)
  2. mantoux test - what angle should needle be
    10-15 degree angle
  3. increase risk of suicide
    teen with depression over recent breakup with a friend
  4. kidney transplant surgery...what causes immediate concern?
    hemorrhage-->can cause hypovolemic shock (post-op bleeding)
  5. what s/s of renal failure?
  6. SATA: deep partial thickness burn (2nd degree burn)..s/s?
    • painful open nerve ending when blisters break
    • injury to deeper portion of dermis
  7. burn pt, TBSA 40%, wt 132 lbs, use parklin's formula: (4ml/kg/%TBSA)
    1. what is his wt in kg?
    2. how many cc of fluid infused in first 24 hrs?
    3. how many cc in first 8 hrs?
    4. how many ml/hr should the iv pump be set for the first 8hr?
    5. how ml/hr should iv pump be set in next 16hrs?
    6. macrodrip (15gtt = 1cc) how many drop/min should the pump be set for 16hrs?
    • 1. 60 (132/2.2)...(1kg = 2.2lb)
    • 2. 9600 (4 x 60 x 40)
    • 3. 4800 (9600/2)
    • 4. 600 (4800/8)
    • 5. 300 (4800/16)
    • 6. 4.69=5 (300/960 x 15)...(15gtt = 1cc)
  8. the following are tx for burn, except
    cool the burn with ice
  9. what will u see when pt has voluemia?
    erosion of dental amal
  10. doing trache care at home, what technique will u use?
    use medically aseptic (as clean as possible)
  11. SATA: warning signs of suicide?
    • withdrawal
    • apathetic
    • angry outburst
  12. IN UR OWN WORDS: give 5 things to consider in application and job interview?
    • 1. dress properly
    • 2. firm hand shake
    • 3. positive attitude
    • 4. promptness (being on time)
    • 5. good eye contact
  13. breast feeding pt, how can she do a self breast exam when nursing?
    after the infant has empty the breast
  14. burns on left arm and left anterior leg..using rule of nine, what %?
  15. battered wife, where in the community will provide assistance?
    woman's shelter
  16. SATA: alcohol withdrawal syndrome..going to enter rehab, what is intervention are appropriate?
    • ask him to talk to his family
    • refer to alcoholic anonymous
    • promote participation in tx program
  17. nx diagnosis is correctly worded?
    related to..and because of (3 parts)
  18. trache suctioning should last no longer than..
    suction no longer than 10 secs
  19. pt has hiv..which results indicate that pt need intibation?
    PaO2 <80%
  20. nx diagnosis where no problem exist, the pt desire a higher level of wellness...what kind of dx would u give the pt?
    a wellness diagnosis
  21. alcohol withdrawal..pulling on his central veinous catheter..nx should..
    protect the pt from harm
  22. nx suspects pt is experiencing alcohol withdrawal..what action should nx do?
    ask pt about his drinking
  23. details are distorted, learning are disabled...what type of anxiety
  24. what give the highest concentration (flow rate) of oxygen will need which delivery system?
    venturi mask
  25. SATA: cystoscopy
    • helps identify source of hematuria...
    • allows collections of tissues samples, cell washings, n urine samples
    • uses a light source to visualize the internal structure
    • requires no surgical incision...
  26. opportunistic disease HIV/AIDS
    pneumocystis carini
  27. pt is on 100% FiO2, but intibated n is coughing out copious secretion, what intervention is a priority?
  28. nx student is working with a nx and is working with an AIDS pt. the student does not want to suction...what should nx do?
    talk with students
  29. which is an example of subjective data?
    pt's feeling and statements about health problems
  30. which nx intervention for a pt with renal failure?
    wt pt daily before breakfast
  31. pulse oximeter..where should nx place for accurate reading?
    apply to pt's finger
  32. what the complication of detox?
  33. post-menapausal pt wants to prevent osteoporosis..what should nurse
    wt baring exercise
  34. pt has ph = 7.52, PaCO2 = 28, HCO3 = 24
    respiratory alkalosis
  35. immediately after the distillate solution...
    clamp tubing
  36. thorocentesis..what position should pt be in? and what is the rational is correct?
    up-right position...rational: fluid accumulates at the bases (of the lungs)
  37. FILL-IN

    ______ is a step in the nx process where the nx establishes outcomes and actions to achieve the overall goal
  38. SATA: for which problems of identifying in sexual partner, what cx female reproductive system
    • chlamydia
    • herpes simplex
  39. brochicoscopy, what states that pt understands?
    "i will not eat or drink starting at midnight until the procedure is done"
  40. risk for impaired tissue integrity. which person would be most at risk?
    a pt having a reconstructive breast surgery
  41. lazze a fair..everything is true, except?
    communication is mutual back and forth
  42. breast examination..what position?
    standing up in front of a mirrow
  43. _______ is transferring competent individual the authority to perform selected nx task in a given situation.
  44. breast self exam, which statement that pt understand frequency to check?
    1 week after period
  45. masectomy on left breast, and iv on lower right arm. where do u take bp?
  46. himlic menuvor..where should hands be?
    below sternum
  47. fill-in?

    _____ a graft obtained by deceased human
  48. what diagnostic test is a sensitive indicator of kidney disease?
    serum creatine level
  49. to prevent bladder infection for a pt with foley..what will nx do?
    encourage showers rather than bath
  50. significance positive tb test
    antibodies are present in pt blood
  51. oliguria stage of renal failure. oliguria scanty urine, how many ml in a day would u expect?
  52. anorexia theory causation, its a sign for?
    sign of pain within whole family system
  53. alcohol was admitted..what indication pt is using rationalization?
    "i always remember what happens the next day"
  54. anorexia nervosa..what is the nx most likely to assess or see?
    growth of fine body hair
  55. what statement shows that pt is ready for AA program?
    "i am powerless over alcohol and need help"
  56. pt has been sexually assaulted n she appears with police officer, what nx intervention receive priority?
    attempting to reduce panic to moderate level
  57. suspected family violence, what approach should nurse use?
    support treatment
  58. ______ is the ulcer acquired with burns.
    curling's ulcer
  59. what will u do before and after peritoneal displays to make sure tx is working?
    check body wt
  60. incentive spirometer..purpose?
    helps pt to visualize deep breathing to prevent atolectisis
  61. behavior modification..phobic cx, being tx with behavioral does it work?
    systemic desensitization
  62. with substance transmits HIV?
  63. manually assessing AV fist, what will expect?
    feel for thrill
  64. removing indwelling cath, what action is appropriate?
    document the time of the removal
  65. SATA: nutrition in a burn pt
    • enteral feeding can reduce n/v...
    • carbohydrates
    • need to increase vitamins and mineral
  66. alcoholic..what should u include in discharge plan?
    participate in support groups like AA
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