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  1. Why was the League of nations weak?
    it could only use economic sanctions
  2. Was the US in the league of nations?
  3. Wht did economic sanctions do?
    disallowed trade to happen
  4. What is the Dawes Plan?
    it helps Germany to pay its reparations and brings US investment into Europe
  5. Who set up the Dawes Plan?
    the US
  6. Why did German inflation rise?
    they were forced to pay reparations to France and forced to pay the wages of their workers
  7. Name 2 peace treaties
    • Locarno
    • Kellogg-Briand Act
  8. This was between France and Germany, secures their borders, and puts Germany into the League of Nations
  9. this made 63 nations pledge to renounce war as an instrument of national policy
    Kellogg-Briand Act
  10. Why was the Kellogg-Briand Act not a good way to keep peace?
    because many nations promised to do these things but never did
  11. Name 5 causes of the Great Depression
    • Downturns in the economies of individual nations
    • International financial crisis of the US stock market
    • Banks collapsed
    • Production declined
    • Unemployment rose
  12. Name 3 effects of the Great Depression
    • Increased government activity in the economy
    • Renewed interest in the Marxist doctrines (communism)
    • People began to follow leaders who offered simple solutions and dictatorial power
  13. Who was the first to use fascism?
  14. This type of government puts the stat above all else, a focus on nationalism, had hatred towards a particular group
  15. Why was mussolini not considered a fascist by some?
    he never excluded a certain group
  16. Why did fascists never have complete control of a nation?
    it was closely linked to the Church
  17. How did Mussolini keep people scared of him?
    • Secrert police (OVRA) could arrest anyone
    • Blackshirts
  18. How did Mussolini keep his control?
    through the spread of propaganda through the media
  19. Name four democratic states
    • Germany
    • France
    • GB
    • US
  20. had the Weimar republic with bad leaders and economic issues
  21. had the strongest democratic state in Europe, had economic troubles and little faith in their political system
  22. had economic issues, conservatives halp to ignore the Keynes
  23. had FDR and the New Deal, welfare system, public works program
  24. this nation was suffering and people were dying of starvation
  25. This was thought of by Lenin and allowed farmers and small businesses some form of capitalism and helped Russia's economy a great deal
    New Economic Policy
  26. Who comes to power once Lenin dies
  27. This was put in place by Stalin, an attempt to turn Russia into an industrial nation instead of an agricultural one, set up economic goals for 5 years
    Five Year plans
  28. This was the eliminating of private farms and gathering them in large plots of land under government regulation, creating no food for cities because peasants hoarded produce and killed livestock
    Collectivization of Farms
  29. Name 4 costs of Stalin's plans for Russia
    • People died of starvation
    • bad living conditions
    • dissenters were sent to labor camps on Siberia
    • political opponents were tried and killed
  30. This happened in Russia when million were arrested and thousands were killed
    The Great Purge
  31. What did authoritarian state want to do?
    preserve the existing social order
  32. Had a civil war led by Fascist, France, against the democratic governemnt, won the support of Italy and Germany
  33. Had failure of parliamentary syatems, landowers, churches, and the middlie class supported authoritarian governments to maintain the status quo
    Eastern Europe
  34. Leader of the Nazis
  35. The German Workers Party
    Nazi Party
  36. Who writes Mein Kampf, and what does that translate to?
    • Hitler
    • my struggle
  37. What does Hitler talk about in Mein Kampf? (5)
    • German Nationalism
    • Anti'Semitism
    • Anti'Communism
    • Social Darwinian theory of struggle
    • Lebensraum (building of a bigger Germany)
  38. Who joins germany and quickly takes control of the National Socialist?
  39. Why is Hitler jailed?
    an unsuccessful Beer Hall Putsch led by the Brownshirts
  40. german takeover of the government
  41. The german parliament
  42. Is the Nazi party the largest in Parliament?
  43. What does the Nazi party appeal to?
    • national pride
    • honor
    • militarism
    • the creation of a new Germany that is free of economic failure
  44. what is Hitler appointed in 1933?
  45. This was passed and said that the government could ignore the Constitution for four years while they fix the nation's most pressing problems
    The Enabling Act
  46. These were set up for people who opposed the Nazis
    Concentration Camps
  47. Who was the German president who died in 1934, leaving Hitler with total power?
  48. Hitler seeks the glory of this nation with success of the 3rd Reich
  49. How long was the 3rd Reich supposed to last?
    1000 years
  50. These were based on terror and ideology and controls the secret and regular police forces
    the SS
  51. What did Hitler use to kick-start the economy?
    • public works
    • re-armament
  52. these were set up to enflame the hearts of the Germans and win them over, led by the Nazis
  53. did the Nazis have control of Churches and schools
  54. Anti-semitism
    hatred of the Jews
  55. These excluded Jews from German citizenship and forbade marriages between Jews and Germans
    Nuremberg Laws
  56. What were Jews forced to have on themselves?
    • yellow stars
    • ID cards
  57. What were Jews barred from and what could they not do in a store?
    • public transit & public buildings
    • own, manage, work
  58. Were Jews encouraged to emigrate from Germany?
  59. This was when hundreds of synagogues were burnt and over 7000 businesses were destroyed, 30,000 men were arrested and sent to labor camps
    Kristallnacht (Night of Broken Glass)
  60. Name two important people under Hitler
    • Himmler
    • Goebbels
  61. he was in charge of the SS, Gestapo, Death Squads, Concentration, and Death camps
  62. the Nazi propaganda minister, well known for his passionate speeches, organized book burnings, the main force behind Kristallnacht
  63. the German secret police
  64. What was the ideal German woman?
    a bearer of Aryan children who would triumph for Germany, were given rewards if they had many children
  65. what were german men destined to be?
    warriors and political leaders
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