Senior Honors

  1. acrid
    (adj) sharp; bitterly pungent
  2. anachronisticanachronism
    (adj)(n) having an error involving time in a story
  3. apocryphal
    (adj) untrue; made up
  4. assuage
    (v) ease or lessen (pain); satisfy (hunger); soothe (anger)
  5. avert
    (v) prevent; turn away
  6. bellicose
    (adj) warlike
  7. blandishment
    (n) flattery
  8. brevity
    (n) conciseness
  9. cacophonouscacophony
    (adj)(n) discordant; inharmonious
  10. charlatan
    (n) quack; pretender to knowledge
  11. colloquial
    (adj) pertaining to conversational or common speech
  12. conjecture
    (v); (n) surmise; guess
  13. culpable
    (adj) deserving blame
  14. deleterious
    (adj) harmful
  15. dilatory
    (adj) delaying
  16. distend
    (v) expand; swell out
  17. efface
    (v) rub out
  18. elucidate
    (v) explain; enlighten
  19. equanimity
    (n) calmness of temperament; composure
  20. fallow
    (adj) plowed but not sowed; uncultivated
  21. fitful
    (adj) spasmodic; intermittent
  22. hackneyed
    (adj) commonplace; trite
  23. illicit
    (adj) illegal
  24. incontrovertible
    (adj) indisputable; not open to question
  25. inexorable
    (adj) relentless; unyielding; implacable
  26. irreproachable
    (adj) blameless; impeccable
  27. laggard
    (adj); (n) slow; sluggish
  28. lag
    (n); (v) slow; sluggish
  29. lurid
    (adj) wild; sensational; graphic; gruesome
  30. mercurial
    (adj) capricious; changing; fickle
  31. mollify
    (v) soothe
  32. nuance
    (n) shade of difference in meaning or color; subtle distinction
  33. odious
    (adj) hateful; vile
  34. pariah
    (n) social outcast
  35. penury
    (n) severe poverty; stinginess
  36. pithy
    (adj) concise; meaningful; substantial; meaty
  37. profligate
    (adj) dissipated; wasteful; wildly immortal
  38. quiescentquiescence
    (adj)(n) at rest; dormant; temporarily inactive
  39. ravenous
    (adj) extremely hungry
  40. replete
    (adj) filled to the brim or to the point of being stuffed; abundantly supplied
  41. resplendent
    (adj) dazzling; glorious; brilliant
  42. spurious
    (adj) false; counterfeit; forged; illogical
  43. strident
    (adj) loud and harsh; insistent
  44. swagger
    (v); (n) behave arrogantly or pompously; strut of walk proudly
  45. threadbare
    (adj) worn through till the threads show; shabby and poor
  46. trifling
    (adj) trivial; unimportant
  47. viable
    (adj) practical or workable; capable of maintaining life
  48. vociferous
    (adj) clamorous; noisy
  49. wistful
    (adj) vaguely longing; sadly thoughtful
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