Chapter Questions

  1. Earthworms, which are substrate feeders...
    eat their way through the soil, feeding on partially decayed organic matter
  2. which of the following is mismatched with its function?
    Vitamin K-blood clotting
  3. Blood pressure is highest in__, and blood moves most slowly in ___.
    arteries, capillaries
  4. Pauls blood pressure is 150/90. The 150 indicates ___ and the 90 indicates ___.
    pressure during ventrical contraction, pressure during heart relaxation
  5. Foreign molecules that elicit an immune response are called__
  6. Which of the following best describes the difference in the way B cells and cytotoxic T cells deal with invaders?
    B cells send out antibodies to attack, certain t cells can do the attacking themselves
  7. Cytotoxic T cells are able to recognize infected body cells because
    the infection changes the surfaces of infected cells
  8. __ attacks infected body cells
    Cytotoxic T cell
  9. __Carries out the humoral immune response
    B Cell
  10. __Causes allergy symptoms
    Mast Cell
  11. ___Phagocytic white blood cell
  12. General name for B or T cell
  13. ___Carries out secondary immune response
    memory cell
  14. Cell most commonly attacked by HIV
    Helper T Cell
  15. The main difference between endotherms and ectotherms is?
    the source of most of their body heat
  16. Which process in the nephron is least selective?
  17. You place your hand on a black car hood in bright summer sunshine. The car hood was heated by the process of ___ and your hand was warmed by the process of____
    radiation, conduction
  18. Which of the following is not an adaptation for reducing the rate of heat loss to the environment?
    contraction of flight muscles before a moth takes off
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