Basic Lighting Terms

  1. Color Rendering Index (CRI) Is?
    CRI is used to rate a lamp's ability to render object colors.
  2. What are GE HIR Lamps?
    HIR lamps utilize shaped filament tubes coated with numerous layers of materials that transmit light but relfec the heat abck onto the filament. This reduces the power needed to keep the filament hot.
  3. Ballast Factor effects what?
    A Low Ballast Factor Results In?
    • The ballast factor effects the rated lumen output when operated on a specific commercially available ballast. A ballast factor of 0.93 will result in the lamp's emitting 93% of its rated lumen output.
    • A low ballast factor results in less light output and also generally comsumes less power.
  4. What is the Coefficient of Utilisation?
    CU is a function of luminaire efficiency, room surface reflectances and room shape.
  5. What is Color Temp?
    Measured In?
  6. Efficiancy (Luminous Efficiency)?
    Efficacy or luminous efficency is a measurement of how effective a light source is in converting electrical input power to LUMENS of visible light, expressed in LUMENS -PER-WATT
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