Aubrey's Test 1

  1. What is our address and phone # and web address?
    • 6005 Brookvale Lane Knoxville, TN 37919
    • 865-599-1111
  2. Hours of Operation?
    • Sun-Thur: 11-10
    • Fri-Sat: 11-11
    • Will seat guests until 10:15/11:15
  3. List the 11 Restaurants in Aubrey's Family of Restaurants:
    Aubrey's (Cleveland, Lenoir City, Farragut, Maryville, Cedar Bluff, Papermill, Powell), Sunspot, Stephanos, Barleys, Bistro by the Track
  4. Who owns Aubrey's?
    Randy Burleson
  5. List the Managers in your Restaurant:
    • Mickey Korzybski (GM)
    • Craig Krause, John Strom, Lee Dunn
    • Kitchen Manger: Derek Cobble
  6. What is the proper way to answer the telephone?
    "Thank you for calling Aubrey's Papermill this is __________ speaking, how may I help you?"
  7. Employees should only be accepting phone calls in the case of _________.
  8. What is the difference btw Reservations and Call Ahead Seating? How would you explain this to a guest?
    • Reservation=Table ready @ that time
    • Call-Ahead= Reduced waiting time for guest
  9. If yo uanswer the phone and the guest asks to make a reservation, what should you say?
    I'm sorry but we do not take reservations, but I would be glad to put your name on the call-ahead list.
  10. Who takes care of to-go orders?
    All shifts: Bartender
  11. When do we get paid and on what day?
    Every other thursday.
  12. When is the best time to pick up our checks?
    Between 2-4 pm ONLY.
  13. What is the General Smoking Policy?
    Ask manager, get server to cover/watch your tables, inform host/hostess.
  14. What does "86" mean?
    This item is no longer available.
  15. Explain the Pivot Point System and why we use it:
    It is a system of standardized seat numbers used to communicate and so we don't have to auction off food.
  16. Describe the proper FOH uniform:
    -Dark Jeans, Belt, Socks, Non-slip shoes, blue apron, pens, lighter, wine tool, white/blue undershirt, blue button down.
  17. Four things a server must do before clocking out:
    • 1) Tables
    • 2) Sidework
    • 3) Silverware
    • 4) Checkouts
  18. What does it mean to 'Flag' a table and what is its purpose?
    We 'flag' a table by putting a BevNap on the table to notify other servers that they've been greeted; also putting the pepper shaker at the end of the table to let the hostess know it needs to be wiped.
  19. Why is it important to pre-bus tables?
    Less clutter on the table for the guests; makes cleaning much quicker for the next set of guests waiting to sit at your table.
  20. What should remain on your table when presenting the check?
    A glass to each guest, linens, maybe a dessert fork or spoon.
  21. Describe how Guest Complaints & Re-Cooks are handled:
    Tell a manager immedietly, write a Re-Cook ticket.
  22. A customer's Petite Filet is not cooked enough. What items need to be included on the Recook ticket?
    • 1: Table Number
    • 2: Item & Temp (Petite Filet - Med Well)
    • 3: Side Items
    • 4: Time turned in
  23. Define "Silent Service":
    Not interrupting the guest. Quietly serving a table w/out interruption. (table maintenance)
  24. When do you bring a guest another drink?
    When they are 1/2 full.
  25. Should you ask guests if they'd like refills?
    NO! Just bring it out.
  26. List 3 Ways you can be involved in teamwork:
    • 1: Helping your teammates
    • 2: Running Hot Food
    • 3: Full Hands In/Out of Kitchen
  27. What is an Expeditor?
    The person who organizes and sells food for each table once the kitchen has it prepared.
  28. Who do you communicate with if you need something from the kitchen?
    Through the expeditor.
  29. Explain how you place a guest's plate at the table:
    With the Entree facing the guest. Please do not auction off the meal.
  30. When should you present a check to a guest?
    At the end of the meal or after dessert if applicable.
  31. What is the key to successful serving?
    Anticipating your guest's needs.
  32. Time to Greet Guest:
    45 sec
  33. Time to Deliver Drinks:
    2 min
  34. Time to Deliver Appetizers:
    2-5 min after placing order
  35. Time for Lunch Entrees:
    10 min or less
  36. Time for Dinner Entrees:
    10-13 min
  37. Check back after food delivered:
    1 1/2 minutes after food is delivered to table
  38. Time limit to handling payment:
    return back to guest w/in 2 min of receiving payment
  39. Before presenting the check, what two things should be offered?
    Coffee and Dessert.
  40. How much is an employee Discount?
  41. What is the proper way/method of entering/exiting the service area and why?
    Always Full Hands In/Full Hands Out of service area. Come into service area through IN door and out through the OUT door so that you're always walking against the crowd.
  42. Do we accept Personal Checks?
    They must first be approved by a manager.
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