Psychology Review

  1. What type of psychologist would be interested primarily in studying whether people behave differently in groups than they do when alone?
    Social Psychologist
  2. The basic purpose of the DSM-IV-TR is to..
    provide a set of diagnostic categories for classigying psychological disorders.
  3. What theoretical frameworks would argue that a healthy child will choose what is good for his or her growth?
  4. A researcher ask elementary, jr high, senior high, and college students to define the term "cheating", and analyzes differences in their definititions across age groups. What type of study is this?
  5. Neurosurgeons cut the corpus callosum in the brain disrupting communication between the right and left hemishperes to...
    prevent the spread of epileptic seizures.
  6. What form of therapy most likely involves a confrontational atmosphere between the therapist and the client?
    Rational-Emotive Therapy, pioneered by Albert Ellis
  7. A person who has a brain injury is having difficulty seeing and hearing. These symptoms indicate that damage has occured in the..
    Occipital and Temporal lobes
  8. If the variance of scores is 100, the standard deviation will be
  9. What is the formula for the standard deviation in a set of scores?
    SD= sqrt(variance)
  10. What would be used to measure the relationship between age and reaction time?
  11. A central nervous system depressant that produces a false feeling of well-being and efficiency and results in slower reaction time to stimulation is
  12. The psychological effects of of alcohol are powerfully influenced by the user's..
  13. One perspective in clinical psychology proposes that adaptive and abnormal behaviors can be developed through similar processes. What term best characterizes this approach to abnormal behavior?
  14. The two components of Schachter and Singer's theory of emotion are
    Physiological arousal and cognitive assessment
  15. A college student experiences a loss of sensation in her right arm before exams. Doctors cna find no physiological basis for her condition. This student is most likely experiencing what kind of disorder?
  16. Rats in an experiment learned to associate sweetened water with a drug that causes immune suppression. Later, the sweetened water alone produced the immune suppression. This outcome is an example of what?
    Classical Conditioning
  17. The psycholigists who first developed encounter groups and sensitivity-training groups based their work on what approach to therapy?
  18. Remembering how to roller skate involves what type of memory?
  19. Prozac functions as an antidepressant medication because it..
    block the reuptake of the neurotransmitter serotonin
  20. Material that in individual cannot remember but is on the "tip of the tongue" is
    available, but not accessible.
  21. What Piagetian stage of cognitive development is characterized by mastery of conservation tasks?
    Concrete Operations.
  22. When Jason practices the drums, he tends not to hear the phone. Today he is expecing a call from a record producer and answers teh phone each time it rings even when he is practicing the drums. What explains why Jason hears the phone today?
    Signal Detection Theory. ( a means to quantify the ability to discern between signal and noise. According to the theory, there are a number of determiners of how a detecting system will detect a signal, and where its threshold levels will be.)
  23. What are the Gestalt principles of perceptual organization? (list four)
    • -Proximity
    • -Similarity
    • -Closure
    • -Continuity
  24. What is the sequence of anatomical structures through which an auditory stimulus passes before it is perceived as sound?
    Auditory canal, eardrum, ossicles, oval window, cochlea.
  25. When Shelly first had cable television service installed, PBS was on channel 9. Her cable company then swithced PBS to channel 16. Shelly now has trouble remembering that PBS is on channel 16 and not on channel 9. This memory problem represents
    proactive interference
  26. What is descriptive of antisocial personality disorder?
    An inability to feel empathy for others and a lack of remorse for actions that harm others.
  27. What perspective in psychology views the human condition as a mixture of unconscious desires and conflicts?
  28. Language acquisition cannot be fully accounted for by associative learning processes for what reason?
    Language use is creative
  29. What stage of sleep is characterized by a periodic appearance of sleep spindles?
    Stage 2 sleep
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