ARE Primary Contractual Documents

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  1. agency
    a person (agent or architect) that acts on behalf of another (principal or owner)
  2. contract document consist of
    • the Owner-Contractor Agreement
    • these documents consist of:
    • 1. general conditions of the contract
    • 2. supplementary conditions of the contract
    • 3. drawings
    • 4. specifications
    • 5. addenda issued prior to execution of the contract
  3. modification
    change order (written order by the architect for change in work) amendment to the contract
  4. project delivery
    sequence of events necessary to provide and owner with a completed building
  5. what does project delivery include?
    • selection of people who will design and construct the project
    • establisment of contractural relationship
    • methods of organizing contractors to perform the work
  6. contract types
    • prime contract - primary relationship between Owner-Contractor (contractor will subcontract if needed)
    • multiple prime contract - major portions of the work are contracts seperatly with Owner (ie MEP) difficult for the arch to coordinate
    • many prime contracts - where one portion of the work needs to start before other elements are designed (usually applied in fast tract construction) often requires construction mngr
  7. integrated project delivery (IPD)
    method of completing a building project in which all the participants collaborate closely from the projects earliest conceptulazation to move-in
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ARE Primary Contractual Documents
ARE Primary Contractual Documents
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