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  1. A waxy substance called ___ is part of the cell wall of myobacterium species
    mycolic acid
  2. The otuer membrane is fund in ____ bacteria
    gram positive
  3. A distinguishing feature between slime layers and capsules is that
    slime layers adhere loosely to the cell wall
  4. All of the following participate in adherence except
    axial filament
  5. Whic of the following is not true of fimbriae and pili?
    They are involved in adherence
    They are oth made up of pilin subunits
    Pili are needed for bacterial conjugation
    They are made only by gram-positive bacteria
    they are made only by gram-positive bacteria
  6. The part of the glagellum that is used to anchor the structure to the plasma membrane is called teh
  7. flagella are used for
  8. Which of the following is not a function of the plasma mebrane is bacteir?
    DNA replication
  9. The three phases of pentidoglycan assembly are
    membrane-associated, cytoplasmic, and extracytoplasmic
  10. lipid a is
    part of the endotoxins fo gram-negative bacteira
  11. Protein synthesis requires nonmenbrane-enclosed organelles called____, which perform the process known as____
  12. ____ is the process by which baceria in a dormant spore state returen to the vegetative state
  13. Optimally grows between 45 and 60 degrees celcius
  14. The ___ growth temp is the maxiumum temp at which the fastest grwoth rate occurs
  15. A consequence of raising the temp above the maxiumu growth temp when culturing bacteria is
    the destabilization of hydrogen bonds in proteins
  16. Which of the following is not required for the synthesis of amino aids and/or nucleic acids
  17. A microblast inoculates a grwoth medium with 1,000 bacterial cells/ml . If the generation time of the species is 30 mins, how long will it be before the culture contains more than 10,000 cells/ml?
    2 hours
  18. New cells are being produced at the same rate as other cells are dying is a characteristic of this phase of bacterial growth
    stationary phase
  19. Cells are dying faster than new cells are being rpoduced in this phase of bacterial growth
    death phase
  20. cells are metabolically actibe but not dividing in this phase of bacterial growth
    lag phase
  21. cells are rapidly growing and dividing in this phase of bacterial growth
    log phase
  22. A nucleotide of DNA consists of
    • A nucleotide
    • Phosphate group
    • Deoxyribose sugar
  23. What are the correct matches for base pairs?
    • Adenine-thymine
    • cytosine-guanine
    • adenine-uracil
  24. If a cell is repressed, it is
    turned off
  25. A lytic virus has infected a patient. What is happening inside her system?
    The virus is causin the death of the infected cells in the patient
  26. A lysogenic virus...
    incorporates its nucleic acid with that of the host chromosome
  27. Enveloped viruses penetrate their host cells by
    fusion of their envelope to the host cell membrane
  28. Construction of viral proteins is performe by
    the host cell's ribosomes
  29. Newly formed virus can be released from the cell by...
    Budding, Cell lysis
  30. Viruses can be spread through...
    • fusion of the host cell with a neighboring cellthe formation of syncytia
    • The rupture of the host cell
  31. Stain pink when the gram stain has been correctly completed
    gram negative
  32. have a thick layer of peptidoglycan
  33. contain teichoic cids
    gram positie
  34. contain lipopolysaccharides
    gram negative
  35. contain a crystal-violet iodine copmlex after the gram stain has been correctly completed
    gram positive
  36. have NAG and NAM in the cell wall
    gram positive and gram negative
  37. True or false... pathogens of humans are chemoautotrophic
  38. pathogens of humans are...
  39. true or false... the time interval needed for a bacteria colony to form is called the generation time
  40. Plasmids encode a variety of traits including
    • antibioitic resistance
    • toxin production
    • the ability to use unusual nutreitns
  41. Genetic recombination can lead to..
    the production of new strains fo bacteria with increased viulence and antibiotic resistance
  42. true or false... some viruses contain DNA and RNA...
  43. A capsule can be the difference between...
    a pathogenic and non-pathogenic virus
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