1. what hormone provides an energy sours to periodontal organisms leading to gingivitis?
  2. what effect does estrogen have on periodontal organisms?
    provides an energy source
  3. what does estrogen provide in the oral cavity?
    energy source to perio organisms leading to gingivitis!
  4. pregnancy and the cardiovascular system leads to ______ CV demand (_____), water ______, compensation by increased ______.
    • Increased
    • retention
    • CO
  5. what can happen with pregnancy in the GI system?
    • nausea
    • vomiting
    • other dyspeptic symptoms (heart burn, reflux)
  6. t/f periodontal treatment affects the rate of preterm delivery
    FALSE!!! does NOT
  7. what prepares breasts for lactation and decreases spontaneous contraction of uterus
  8. during the first trimester what is a pregnant pt predisposed to?
    postural hyptension and syncope
  9. which trimester increasees risk for hyperventaliation?
    after 1st trimester
  10. what causes dyspnea in a prego pt?
    • exertion
    • supine position
  11. preterm delivery is birth before ____ weeks of gestation
  12. if someone is Pre-clampsia and eclampsia (seizures not normally associated with the patient due to pregnancy), what should be measured each visit?
    • blood pressure
    • hypertension common >180mmHg or diastolic >110mmHg cx to tx
  13. during which trimester is glucose intolerance normal during pregnancy
    3rd trimester
  14. what is the most common oral complication of pregnancy?
  15. what increases during pregnancy and contributes to severity?
    Prevotella intermedia
  16. how many pregnant women are affected by pregnancy gingivitis?
    25-100% in the 2nd to 8th month
  17. t/f at parturition, inflammation from pregnancy gingivitis will continue if treated
    FALSE! if UNtreated
  18. t/f inflammatory mediators may adversely affect the placenta and fetu
    true (not clearly defined)
  19. perio disease in a pregnant patient significantly ________ the risk for low birth weight and preterm birth
  20. t/f there is no convincing evidence that tx of perio disease will REDUCE the risk of low birth weight or preterm birth
  21. t/f treatment of perio disease will help reduce the risk of low birth weight or preterm birth
  22. pregnancy tumor occurs in what percentage of pregnant patients?
  23. what is a pyogenic granuloma
    pregnancy tumor
  24. t/f tooth mobility is unrelated to periodontitis, it appears to resovle after parturition
  25. when is a pyogenic granuloma most frequently occurring?
    during the 2nd trimester
  26. where is the pyogenic granuloma going to occur?
    interdental papilla in the max anterior
  27. describe a pyogenic granuloma
    • bright red to blue
    • bleeds easiily
    • usually painless
  28. t/f your teeth become soft when you are pregnant
    false! the diet changes
  29. t/f there is tooth calcium lost during pregnancy from the mom
    false! there is NOT
  30. t/f dietary changes may result in increased caries
  31. vomiting with morning sickness and xerostomia are both ________ factors for enamel _________
    • contributing
    • demineralization
  32. t/f prenatal fluoride supplementation is recommended by AAPD or AAP
    FALSE! is NOT recommended
  33. doxycycline is contraindicated during pregnancy because why?
    think tetracycline. intrinsic staining of decidious teeth
  34. when meds are necessary during pregnancy, ________ dosages may need to be administered during critical pregnancy
  35. t/f if community water is fluoridated then supplements are not needed
  36. what is the local anes of choice for a pregnant patient?
  37. early pregnancy the placenta is _____ and has a _____ permeability
    • thick
    • reduced
  38. late in pregnacy the placenta as a ____ thickness and the surface area ____...what effect does this have on drugs?
    • reduced
    • increase
    • increased passage of drugs
  39. t/f a vasoconstrictor keeps anesthetic localized
    true (without it, it can go throughout the bloodstream)
  40. how do drugs cross the placenta?
    by simple diffusion
  41. what category of anes can be used for pregnant women?
    CATEGORY B ONLY (lido and prilocaine)
  42. t/f lido and prilocaine can be administered up to max dosage, using aspiration, and slow administration
  43. which category has the GREATES risk?
    category X
  44. MOST drugs used in dentistry is category ___
  45. what is the major malformation in the first trimester that is a teratogenic effect?
    Major malformation during organogenesis
  46. what drug is available that can cause teratogenic affects for placental transfer?
    FREE, UNBOUND drugs
  47. what does prilocane affect?
    methemoglobinemia in predisposed individuals
  48. when is ASA unsafe to use on a pregnant woman?
    3rd trimester ONLY
  49. what causes premature closure of patent ductus arteriosis when taken in the third trimester?
  50. t/f acidic drugs will enter the milk easily
    FALSE, will not enter easily
  51. what can be secreted in breast milk in concentrations similar to levels in maternal plasma (same effect for mother as for infant)
  52. when during pregnancy is the IDEAL time for elective care?
    2nd trimester
  53. what is important for OHE of a pregnant woman? 5
    • need for effective biofilm removal
    • possible gingival changes
    • myth of tooth loss and removal of enamel
    • benefits of xylitol
    • caries prevention
  54. during pregnancy, there is an increased pressure (compression) on the _______ and ______ _____ ______ causing reduced ____ _____ in the supine position
    • aorta and inferior vena cava
    • cardiac output
  55. how should a patient be placed that is pregnant in the dental chair?
    place on LEFT side at an angle of 15 degrees
  56. when should you most definitely minimize the use of diagnostic radiography?
    1st trimester
  57. when should OHE for pregnancy begin?
  58. what can someone rinse with after vomiting?
    sodium bicarbonate solution
  59. what can prilocaine cause in predisposed people?
  60. what is the failure of the duct between teh pulmonary artery and aorta to close by birth
    patent ductus arteriosus
  61. what drugs cause premature closure of patent ductus arteriosus in the last trimester? 3
    • ibuprofen
    • naproxen
    • codeine
  62. t/f all local anesthetics are considered safe to use in lactating female
    FALSE-all except BUPIVACAINE (marcaine)
  63. ____ and ____ antibiotics are compatible with breastfeeding
    erythromycin and clindamycin
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