1. Between the mantle an inner core. Liquid layer made up of melted iron and nickel
    Outer Core
  2. The solid innermost layer . Made up of iron and nickel Temperature, density and pressure are highest here
    Inner Core
  3. Technology used to determine the depth of water by the reflection of sound waves off the oceans floor
  4. energy waves caused by earthquakes that travel through the Earth
    Seismic Waves
  5. a deep narrow valley in the ocean floor. Formed where subduction is occurring . This is where the earth's crust is thinnest
    Ocean Trench
  6. a mountain range n the ocean floor. Formed where sea-floor spreading is occurring
    Mid-Ocean Ridge
  7. Longest mountain chain mid-Ocean ridge is...
    The mid-Atlantic Ocean Ridge is the longest chain
  8. Process where 2 plates come together ( Converge) and the denser one sinks under the other plate forming a trench. The oceanic crust is melted back into the mantle. OLD CRUST IS DESTROYED . A destructive process
  9. Process where plates pull apart (diverge) and magma erupts from the center to form a mid ocean ridge. NEW CRUST IS CREATED . A constructive process
    Sea-Floor Spreading
  10. Theory proposed in 1915 by Alfred Wegener that says that the continents move very slowly around the Earth and that 225 mya they were all joined as a supercontinent called___
    Continental Drift ;Pangaea
  11. Modern theory that explains how and why earth's lithospheric plates move
    Plate Tectonics
  12. a large, moving section of the Earth's Lithosphere
    Tectonic Plate
  13. The circular motion of fluids caused by differences in temperature and density. Hotter, less dense fluid rises. Cooler, Denser fluid sinks. ______ _______ in the mantle drive the movement of the earth's plates
    Convection Currents
  14. A zone of frequent earthquakes and many volcanoes that encircles the Pacific Plate
    Ring of Fire
  15. Force that builds between plate boundaries and on the plates themselves as they are moving. ___ can cause rock to ben deform and crack
  16. Image Upload 1
    If these two were both Continental Plates what would happen
    It would form into a mountain
  17. Convergent Plate Boundaries
    Where plates come together
  18. Name the Layers of the Earth in order from the lowest to highest pressured layer
    Crust,Uppermost Mantle,Asthenosphere,Lower Mantle (Mesosphere),Outer Core, Inner Core
  19. Name all the Earth's Major Tectonic Plates
    North American Plate, Nazca Plate, Pacific Plate,South American Plate, African Plate, Eurasian Plate, Indo-Australian Plate, Antarctic Plate
  20. Image Upload 2
    What type of Boundary is this? And which plate goes first? How can you tell?
    • Convergent;The oldest because it is heaver than the younger plate
  21. Image Upload 3
    If this is a convergent plate boundary why does the oceanic crust go down? What is the closest area to the Asthenosphere?
    • Because it is heavier; Trench
  22. Oceanic Crust is made of _______
    • Basalt
    • 3-4 Miles thin (5-7 km)
  23. Continental Crust is made of_____
    • Granite
    • 20-30 miles thin (30-50 km)
  24. Image Upload 4
    What Boundary is this? What famous fault is in CA? Where in 500 my would LA problay end up?
    Transform;San Andreas Fault; Next to San Francisco
  25. Image Upload 5
    What plates would these be? What does it form at the top? What plate Boundary is it?
    • Continental;Rift Valley;Divergent
  26. Where is the largest Rift Valley? What is it called?
    Africa; Great Rift Valley
  27. Transform Boundary
    where 2 plates slide past each other
  28. Divergent Boundary
    Where plates PULL apart
  29. Image Upload 6
    What does it form? What type of Boundary?Constructive or Destructive?
    Mid-Ocean Ridge;Divergent;CONSTRUCTIVE
  30. What Causes Convection currents in the Asthenosphere? Explain
    The Core is the source heat and it heats the Asthenosphere causing the magma to heat. The hotter and less dense magma rises. When it reaches to the crust it cools and sinks because the cooler magma is more dense. This also causes differences in temperature and density of the magma.
  31. The Himalayans began forming about 50 million years ago. Describe how they are formed
    The mountain started to form when the Indo- Australian and Eurasian Plates converged. Since they were both continental and the same density the 2 plates pushed up forming the Himalayans. The Himalayans are still growing! They grow about 2-3 inches a year
  32. Which plates are thinker?
    Continental or Oceanic?
  33. Which type of plate is denser?
    Continental or Oceanic?
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