1. what is the ADE of Niacin?
    postural hypotension
  2. what is the ADE of ephedrine?
  3. what should you do at each appt for a pt taking ephedrine?
    measure vital signs
  4. which supplement causes oral ulcerations?
    feverfew leaves
  5. what is the ADE of Ginko?
    increased bleeding
  6. saint johns wart is a ______ herbal supplement
    Natural (one of the most commonly purchased products)
  7. t/f herbal and nutritional supplements have to com;y with laws for safety and efficacy
    FALSE- DO NOT have to comply!
  8. herbal and nutritional supplements may make claims to improve _____ and _____
    structure and function
  9. what is the ephedra event?
    cardiovascular events caused FDA to prohibit sale of ephedrine and advised to stop using (DEATH)
  10. what are the ADE of ephedra?
    • bleeding
    • hepatotoxicity
    • hypotension, hyertension
    • allergic reactions
    • oral ulcerations
  11. hypericum extracts=
    st. john's wort
  12. t/f hyypericum extracts has no drug to drug interactions
    FALSE! it has numorous interactions with numerous Rx (st. john's wart)
  13. when should a pt be advised to stop herbal supplements when undergoing surgery?
    2 weeks prior to surgery (including perio surgery)
  14. the use of ______ extract is no longer used as a botnaical componet of oral care products
  15. reports of adverse effects from herbal and dietary supplements include ____ _____, interactions with drugs used for oral sedation, drowsiness, ______ and tachycardia, _____ _____, oral mucosal irritation, GI distress and increased ______
    • postural hypotension
    • hypertension
    • oral ulceration
    • increased bleeding
  16. t/f all batches produced by single manufacturer contain same amount of active ingredient specified on label
    true (THE LABEL MUST BE TRUE...standardization!)
  17. if there was a lack of standarization of products what three things could happen?
    • vraiability in quantity of active ingredient=inadequate level
    • complete absces of known or supposed active ingredient
    • erroneous labeling information
  18. what is GMP?
    good manufacturing practice
  19. GMPs meet specific _____ standards, are not _____ or misbranded (contain ___ ___ on label), contain correct _____ and ____ as stated on label
    • quality
    • adulterated
    • active ingredient
    • ingredients and doses
  20. who regulates GMP?
  21. what does the FDA require of GMP?
    quality control procedures of supplements
  22. who must test products for purity and ensure accurate labeling?
  23. t/f the FDA tests products for purity and ensures accurate labeling
    FALSE! manufacturers!
  24. what agency enforced supplement manufacturers to remove advertisements with false or unsubstantiated claims?
  25. what program is used to report adverse events of supplements?
    FDA MedWatch Program
  26. what does the agency for healthcare research and quality oversee?
    research on alternative therapies
  27. what are the essential oil mouthrinses? 3
    • eucalyptol
    • menthol
    • thymol
  28. what are so examples of herbal products used for oral purposes? 4
    • xylitol
    • acemannan
    • triclosan
    • esssential oil
  29. what was removed from current Viadent formulation?
  30. t/f viadent has no ADA seal of acceptance
  31. what can sanguinarine cause?
  32. what effect does viadent have?
  33. what is the mechanism of action of essential oil mouthrinses?
  34. what does listerine have the ADA seal of acceptance for? 2
    reduce supragingival plague and gingivitis
  35. t/f xylitol cannot be metabolized by streptococcus
  36. what can a mom do to decrease risk for caries in children?
    chew gum 4x a daily during the first years of childs life
  37. t/f xylitol has an antigingivitis effect
    False! nope it sure doesn't
  38. what reduces healing time of aphtous ulcerations?
  39. _____ is an herb based substance that produces statistically signifacnt reduction in plaque and gingivitis
  40. what does total (colgate) have the ADA seal of acceptance for?
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