WVU psychology 101 mid term

  1. The definition of psychology is generally considered to be the
    scientific study of behavior and mental processes.
  2. The study of _____ is the primary focus of psychology.
    behavior and mental processes
  3. If you are curious as to why you feel pain when you place your hand near an open flame, you would likely find answers in the research of _____ psychologists.
  4. Looking for the best ways to help people monitor and control their blood pressure through behavioral changes would be the concern of psychologists within which subfield?
  5. One focus of social psychology would be
    determining how members of the same fraternity influence each other’s behaviors.
  6. Marla notices that when she talks to men, her boyfriend becomes jealous. When the boyfriend talks to other women, Marla does not become jealous. Marla wonders if the difference is genetic. Her question would interest a(n) _____ psychologist.
  7. The most recent employment surveys suggest that psychologists are least likely to be working in which setting?
    private practice
  8. Which of the following statements about psychologists is true?
    The majority of new psychology Ph.D. degrees are earned by women.
  9. When most psychology majors graduate from college, they enter
    jobs that relate to psychology.
  10. A psychologist who pursues a Psy.D. degree is most likely to be interested in
    treating psychological disorders.
  11. Early psychologists studied the mind by asking people to describe what they were experiencing when exposed to various stimuli. This procedure was known as
  12. Both structuralism and functionalism emphasized the study of
    consciousness and mental processes.
  13. The kind of psychology studied by William James was oriented to the way that people’s behavior allowed them to adapt to their environments. This approach to psychology is called
  14. Knowing that you are taking a psychology course, your friend calls to tell you about a dream he recently had. He wants to know what you think his dream means and what it may reveal about his personality. You might encourage your friend to read research from the _____ perspective.
  15. John B. Watson, an advocate of the behavioral perspective, believed that a person’s achievements depend most on:
    training or experiences in the environment.
  16. Psychologists who accept the _____ model tend to look for the uniqueness of every individual.
  17. Research by Bushman and Anderson has shown that people who play violent video games tend to
    perceive the world as violent.
  18. A teacher believes that one of her student’s aggressive behaviors may be due to his parents’ recent divorce and not to a genetic trait. The teacher’s thinking reflects the controversy of
    nature versus nurture.
  19. A student wants to study love between married couples, but he cannot decide whether he should measure visible actions that reflect love or measure the couples’ motives to remain in love. His decision reflects the _____ controversy.
    internal versus observable
  20. Your opinion about whether or not people with mental illness should be forced by governmental institutions to seek treatment may depend on your stance on the _____ issue.
    free will versus determinism.
  21. Martique sends out a mass email to 100 friends, each of their email addresses visible, to ask them to sponsor her in a walk-a-thon. No one responds to her email or makes a donation. The _____ theory may provide an explanation of Martique’s unsuccessful request.
    diffusion of responsibility
  22. The hypothesis in a research study is defined as the
    idea, or prediction, that can be tested
  23. If you were to spend some time watching people in the checkout line of a local discount store to see how many read the tabloid newspapers displayed next to the register, you have chosen the __________ research method to answer your question.
    naturalistic observation
  24. A researcher wanted to use a relatively inexpensive way to test his hypothesis. Therefore, he examined existing data such as census documents, college records, and newspaper clippings. This type of research is known as:
    archival research
  25. The mathematical score that indicates how much two attributes are related to each other is called the
    correlation coefficient.
  26. A positive correlation between two variables suggests that
    high scores on one variable relate to high scores on the second variable.
  27. In an experiment on the effects of light on reading speed, which of the following is the dependent variable?
    the measured reading speed
  28. The process of attempting to equate the experimental group and the control group before the beginning of an experiment is called
    random assignment.
  29. When a researcher reports that a study’s outcome was significant, this suggests that
    the results were unlikely to have happened by chance.
  30. Dr. Ling combines the results of 60 different studies on how sexual functioning is affected by alcohol consumption; her goal is to derive a single, general conclusion. Dr. Ling has performed a(n)
  31. A researcher wants to make sure that her assistants did not give any hints regarding which participants are in which treatment groups and to make sure the participants did not know which group they were in. She should use (a):
    double-blind procedure
  32. Ethical guidelines for research on human participants require that prior to participating in a study, research participants are given all information that they will need to decide whether or not they want to be in the study. This requirement is known as
    informed consent.
  33. Compared with the general population, college students tend to
    have less well-formed attitudes.
  34. One advantage of using nonhuman animals in psychological research is that
    their life spans are shorter than humans.
  35. A researcher uses a different tone of voice while speaking to groups of participants in a problem-solving study. She speaks encouragingly to students in a class for the gifted, and with a discouraging voice to a remedial class. This shows the experimental bias of
    experimenter expectations.
  36. The purpose of using a placebo in research is to
    evaluate the effect of participant expectations.
  37. The purpose of using double-blind procedures in research is to
    evaluate the effect of experimenter and participant expectations.
  38. In judging the quality of research, the assumptions behind the study should be known so that one can
    evaluate how well the methods tested the assumptions.
  39. When the researcher’s desire to see positive results influences the outcome, this is known as
    experimental bias.
  40. Deception may be used in an experiment to overcome problems with
    participant expectations.
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