Verbos Reflexivos

  1. aburrirse
    to get bored
  2. afeitarse
    to shave
  3. ahogarse
    to drown/choke
  4. alegrarse
    to become happy/glad
  5. animarse
    to get excited/cheer up
  6. arreglarse
    to get ready
  7. bañarse
    to take a bath
  8. burlarse
    to make fun of
  9. callarse
    to shut one´s mouth
  10. cambiarse
    to change (clothes)
  11. cansarse
    to get tired (of)
  12. casarse
    to get married
  13. cepillarse
    to brush
  14. cortarse
    to cut
  15. cuidarse
    to take care of oneself
  16. chocarse
    to crash
  17. deprimirse
    to get depressed
  18. descuidarse
    to be careless
  19. desmayarse
    to faint
  20. ducharse
    to take a shower
  21. esconderse
    to hide
  22. embarzarse
    to get pregnant
  23. emocionarse
    to get excited
  24. enamorarse
    to fall in love
  25. enfadarse
    to get angry
  26. enojarse
    to get angry
  27. expresarse
    to express (oneself)
  28. jactarse
    to brag/boast
  29. enfemarse
    to get sick
  30. jubilarse
    to get retired
  31. lavarse
    to wash
  32. llamarse
    to call
  33. maquillarse
    to put on makeup
  34. marearse
    to get dizzy
  35. mejorarse
    to get better
  36. mirarse
    to look at (oneself)
  37. mudarse
    to move (houses)
  38. olvidarse
    to forget
  39. preocuparse
    to worry
  40. peinarse
    to comb
  41. portarse (bien/mal)
    to behave (well/badly)
  42. prepararse
    to get ready
  43. qeudarse
    to stay
  44. quejarse
    to complain
  45. quitarse
    to take off
  46. secarse
    to dry
  47. sonarse (la nariz)
    to blow (your nose)
  48. suicidarse
    to commit suicide
  49. estirarse
    to stretch
  50. asustarse
    to get scared
  51. caerse
    to fall
  52. darse cuenta
    to realize
  53. hacerse
    to become
  54. irse
    to go away
  55. ponerse
    to put on
  56. despertarse
    to wake up
  57. perderse
    to get lost
  58. sentarse
    to sit down
  59. sentirse
    to feel
  60. acordarse
    to remember
  61. acostarse
    to lay down
  62. avergonzarse
    to be ashamed
  63. divertirse
    to have fun
  64. dorminrse
    to fall asleep
  65. morirse
    to die
  66. moverse
    to move (oneself)
  67. probarse
    to put on
  68. despedirse
    to say goodbye
  69. reírse
    to laugh
  70. vestirse
    to get dressed
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