American History

  1. Passed on December 15th 1791, created to protect individuals and state rights.
    The Bill of Rights
  2. What amendments were made to the Constitution to guarantee individual civil liberties and certain state rights.
    Amendments 1-10
  3. What state was the last to ratify the Constitution?
    What name did they get afterwards?
    The last state to ratify the Constitution was Rhode Island, and was nicknamed "The Rogue State".
  4. Who was the first President of the United States in the Election of 1789?
    Who became the Vice President of the United States in the Election of 1789?
    • President was George Washington
    • Vice President was John Adams
  5. George Washington was reelected in 1792.

  6. The first Secretary of the Treasury in 1789 was?
    • Alexander Hamilton
  7. What positions were part of the Presidents Cabinet (also known Cabinet of Secretaries) in the summer of 1789?
    • The Secretary of Treasury
    • The Head of Department of State
    • The Attorney General
  8. Who was the first Head of the Department of State in Washington's "President Cabinet"?
    Thomas Jefferson
  9. Who was the first Attorney General in Washington's "President's Cabinet"?
    Edmund Randolph
  10. His argument would establish national credit and support for the government, won approval in 1790.
    What is the name of the document?
    • Alexander Hamilton
    • The Debt Assumption Bill
  11. Alexander Hamilton argued that this would establish a national currency and act as an agency for the collection and deposit of federal taxes and revenues.
    National Bank
  12. Authorizes Congress to "make all Laws which shall be necessary and proper for carying into execution the foregoing Powers."
    Article 1 Section 8
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