Essential Drug List - names, class & action

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  1. Aciclovir
    • Brand name - Zovirax
    • Class - Anti-herpes virus agent
    • Action - phosphorylated intracellularly by herpes virus thymidine kinase which competitively inhibits herpes virus DNA polymerase & prevents DNA elongation
  2. Allopurinol
    • Brand name - Zyloprim, Progout, Allorin, Apo-allopurinol
    • Class - Antihyperuricaemic
    • Action - competitive & non-competitive xanthine oxidase inhibitor
  3. Amiloride
    • Brand name - Midamor
    • Action - diuretic; interferes with K/Na exchange in distal tubule, cortical collecting tubule, collecting duct; decrease Ca excretion, increase Mg excretion
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Essential Drug List - names, class & action
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