1. complete celibacy
    an expression of sexuality in which an individual does not engage in either masturbation or interpersonal sexual contact.
  2. partial celibacy
    An expression of sexuality in which an individual does not engage in interpersonal sexual contact but continues to engage in masturbation.
  3. nocturnal orgasm
    Involuntary orgasm during sleep.
  4. masturbation (autoeroticism)
    Stimulation of one's own genitals to create sexual pleasure.
  5. tribadism
    Rubbing one's genitals againts another's body or genitals.
  6. cunnilingus
    Oral stimulation of the vulva.
  7. Fellatio
    Oral stimulation of the penis.
  8. anilingus
    Oral stimulation of the anus.
  9. intromission (introitus)
    Insertion of the penis into the vagina.
  10. sexual orientation
    Sexual attraction to one's own sex, to othe other sex, or bot sexes, or lack of sexual interest in either sex.
  11. bisexuality
    Sexual attraction to both men and women.
  12. asexuality
    A lack of sexual attraction to either sex.
  13. sexuali fluidity (Lisa Diamond)
    Variability in same-sex and other-sex attraction and involvement at different times and in different situations throughout the life span.
  14. gay
    A homosexual person, typically a homosexual male.
  15. By Default Myth
    Theory that unhappy heterosexuals experiences cause a person to become homosexual.
  16. The Seduction Myth
    Theory that young womena nd men become homosexual because they have been seduced by older homosexual people or because they have caught it from someone else.
  17. Freud's theory on homosexuality
    Theory that one's relationship with one's father and mother is crucial, and that boys fixated at homosexual phase because of a poor relationship with their father and overly close relationship with their mother. Similar for a girl.
  18. gender nonconformity
    A lack of conformity to steretypical masculine and feminine behaviors.
  19. gay-affirmative theraphy
    Theraphy to help homosexual clients cope with negative soceital attitudes towards homosexuality.
  20. conversation theraphy/sexual reorientation theraphy
    Theraphy to help homosexual men and women change their sexual orientation.
  21. homophobia
    Irrational fears of homosexuality, the fear of the possibility of homosexuality in oneself, or loathing toward one's own homosexuality.
  22. coming-out
    The process of becoming aware of and disclosing one's homosexuality identity.
  23. passing (in terms of homosexuality)
    Presenting a false image of being heterosexual.
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