SU Leve 5 Supplemental Vocab 7-12

  1. 눈에 안 차다
    unhappy; displeasure
  2. 한눈을 팔다
    not concentrating
  3. 손에 익다
    be accustomed to something
  4. 코가 납작해지다
    to be humiliated
  5. 등을 돌리다
    to betray or turn one's back on someone
  6. 이마를 탁치다
    rember something you weren't able to do (negative); remeber and hit your head
  7. 코웃음을 치다
    sneer / "hmmph"
  8. 목소리를 깔다
    say something in a low voice to be serious
  9. 목에 힘을 주다
    raise your voice to emphasize something
  10. 무릎을 치다
    slap your leg when a good idea occurs to you (positive)
  11. 벽에 부딪히다
    hit a wall; can't solve a problem
  12. 찬물을 끼얹다
    kill joy / ruin a happy feeling or party
  13. 사서 고생이다
    doing something that makes life more difficult for you
  14. 뚜꼉을 열어 보다
    wait for the end or results for the real score
  15. 가뭄에 콩 나듯
    something rare or miraculous that happens (bean sprouts in a drought)
  16. 강 건너 불 보듯
    ignore / avoid a problem
  17. 길흉
    good and bad luck
  18. 상벌
    reward and punishment
  19. 선악
    good and evil
  20. 승패
    victory and defeat
  21. 진위
    truth and lie
  22. 시비
    right and wrong
  23. 우열
    superior and inferior
  24. 찬반
    agree and disagree; for and against
  25. 희비
    happiness and sorrow
  26. 호불호
    like and dislike
  27. 괘씸하다
    disgusted; detestable
  28. 애틋하다
    heart rending; really sad; distressing
  29. 억울하다
    feeling of being wrongly accused
  30. 통쾌하다
    delightful, gratifying; satisfying
  31. 허무하다
    a void; in vain; futility; empty feeling
  32. 흐뭇하다
    pleased; delighted; satisfied; content
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