American History

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    German Soldiers hired by the British.
    Known as the finest soldiers in the world. German mercenaries.
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    Loyal to Britain.
    loyalists, supporters for the King in the colonies.
    Most could be found in southern colonies.
  3. Two purposes for them were home guard
    (defending their community) & augmented the continental army.
  4. Consisted mostly of citizen soldiers,
    poor native-born Americans, or immigrants who had been indentured
    servants or convicts. Formed by congress. Were paid by land or
    money. Continental Army was supported by colonial militias.
    Continental army
  5. 1777
    George Washington ordered the Inoculation and interviewed each
    soldier to see if they believed or not for ever having small pox, for
    those who believed not were inoculated, which the virus was implanted
    in a small incision and let the soldier build their immune systems.
    Small Pox Inoculation
  6. Low point of the war for the colonies. The Army faced
    freezing cold, disease, hunger, lack of shelter and
    desertion, Washington was able to keep a bulk of the
    Army intact, and train them into a professional army
    during the low point.
    Valley Forge
  7. October 17th 1777
    Benedict Arnold rallied Colonial forces to victory.
    General Burgoyne of Britain surrendered to General
    Horaatio Gates and most of the British soldiers were
    imprisioned in Virginia.Became the turning point of the
    war because France saw the victory as a sign of Colonial
    resolve and signs the Treaty of Alliance with the United States.
  8. Ocotber 7th, 1780
    Turning point of the war in the South, Colonial
    Militia defeat Loyalists and break Tory support for
    English in the South.
    (Americans against Americans)
    Battle of Kings Mountain
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    New commander for the Southern theater
    "The fighting Quaker"of Rhode Island
    Nathaniel Greene
  10. October 17th 1781
    This battle essentially ended the Revolution war.
    With 16,000 soldiers from France and the colonial
    army under Washington, Greene, and Admiral De Grasse
    command Lord Cornwallis and Benedict Arnold surrendered
    and New York was no longer captive.
    Battle of Yorktown
  11. This document was signed on
    September 3rd 1783 which (Great Britain)
    recognized the independence of the United States
    and agreed to a Mississippi river boundary to the
    Treaty of Paris 1783
  12. May 1776
    Authority was rested with the people, with
    elected governors and senates, religious
    freedoms and separation of powers.
    State Constitutions
  13. November 1781
    When this document was drafted it
    created the first centralized government
    for the U.S. This document limited authority
    of the governemnt and most power deferred
    to the states.
    Articles of Confederation
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    During the Revolution war freedom was awarded
    to thousands of slaves who served for the cause
    of independence.
  15. A British victory in 1780 as they captured a colonial
    army and this
    Battle of Charleston
  16. The Battle of Bunker Hill was fought
    mostly where and when?
    On Breed's Hill and June 17, 1775.
  17. Early in the Revolution, other than the English, the second
    greatest threat to the Continental Army was what?
    Small Pox
  18. Why was the Continental Armies early escape at
    New York crucial to the later success of the Revolution?
    If captured, the Revolution would have surely ended.
  19. Washington and the Continental Army crossed
    what to attack at Trenton?
    Delaware River
  20. At Trenton, Washington timed the
    attack to take place when?
    On Christmas Day
  21. At the Battle of Saratoga, he was one of the heroes as
    he rallied Colonial forces and led them to victory.
    • General Benedict Arnold was "named"the hero of theBattle of Saratoga;
    • however, General John Burgoyne surrendered to General Horatio Gates.
  22. Washington's defeat at Brandywine led to what?
    The fall of Philadelphia.
  23. This battle saw the defeat of Loyalist forces in the
    south and an end to English hopes to rallying that support.
    King's Mountain
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