1. What are the most commonly purchased products?
    feverfew, garlic, ginseng, ginkgo, kava, etc.
  2. T/F “Natural” means derived from plant sources?
  3. T/F herbal products are marketed as dietary supplements and do not have to comply with laws for safety and efficacy imposed on drug products
  4. SJW has multiple clinical implications which of the following is NOT a implication

    D. Numerous drug interactions- this is a drug drug interaction mostly affects the liver and it some enzymes...whoopie!
  5. What is the ADE associated with Niacin?
    Postural hypotension
  6. What is not an ADE associated with SJW?

    C. postural hypotension
  7. what are the ADE's of ephedrine?

    D. hypertension and tachycardia
  8. T/F Feverfew leaves ADE's can cause oral ulcerations but only in the liquid form.
    False- they can cause oral ulcerations if they are chewed.. yuck?
  9. ADE's of Ginsing, ginko, garlic, and ginger are?

    C. Increased bleeding = remember 4G's
  10. T/F high doeses of vit. E causes increased bleeding easy
  11. All of the following cause these ADE's
    GI distress, oral mucosa irritation except?

    C. glucosamine only GI distress, echinacea is only periooral candidiasis
  12. Which government agency regulates advertising claims for dietary supplements?

    A) FDA
    B) FTC
    C) DEA
    D) HNA
    B. FTC
  13. T/F Manufacturers must provide evidence claim is not false or misleading
  14. Identify the product which has the ADA Seal of Acceptance for an antigingivitis effect?

    A) Xylitol
    B) Acemannan
    C) Oil of cloves
    D) Triclosan
    E) Sanguinarine
    D. Triclosan is in collgate toothpaste
  15. Identify the product which has the ADA Seal of Acceptance for efficacy effect?

    A)Colgate Total
    B) Listerine
    C) Viadent
    C. Viadent
  16. T/F Drug histories should only ask for information concerning Rx drugs
    False- needs to contain info about any herbal or dietary supplement and what it is used for.
  17. What is the benefit of consumers and health professionals reporting to medwatch ADE's of herbal or "natural" products? (2)
  18. –Consumers will learn of potential adverse effects
    –Improved safety in taking product
  19. ___________ and _______ granatum are incorporated into biodegradable chips on healing after _____in individuals with adult periodontitis
  20. Centella asiatica and Punica granatum S&R
  21. For patients that are taking ephedra supplements for weight loss what must you do at each appointment? (1)
    Monitor vitals
  22. T/F pts taking ginkgo should be monitored for decreased bleeding.
    False! increased bleeding
  23. How many weeks should Herbal therapy be stopped before surgery?

    A. 14 days= 2weeks
  24. T/F standardization insures that all one or more active ingredients are identified and the same amount of active ingredients are listed on labels
    True true true..
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