comp pt final

  1. when does biologic death occur with cardiovascular pt
    4-6 minutes
  2. who is at greatest risk for CVA?
    hyertensive pt
  3. t/f CVA can be detected on a pano
  4. what is used for angina pain?
  5. t/f nitroglycerin can help with MI pain
    false-nitroglycerin cannot help with MI pain
  6. if pt does not respond to a second dose of nitroglycerin what should be done?
    assume MI attack and call EMS
  7. what are the signs and symptoms of angina?
    • pale
    • faint
    • sweaty
    • trouble breathing
    • anxiety or fear
    • pain radiate to left or right arm, neck, mandible and possibley absent in chest area (rare)
  8. what shoud you watch for with a pt who has hypertension?
    other than the fact that they may have a heart attack in your chair??? or right POSTURAL HYPOTENSION
  9. what is needed for secondary hypertension?
    surgical or other correction of the cause is needed
  10. what are the type types of tuberculosis?
    active and latent
  11. what is the etiology (orgnaism) of tuberculosis?
    mycobacterium tuberculosis
  12. what test is done to detect if a person has been infected with TB
    mantoux skin test
  13. does a mantoux skin test show if a person has active TB?
  14. what are five drugs used to treat TB?
    • Rifapentine
    • Rifampin
    • Isoniazid
    • Pyracinamide
    • Ethambutol
    • WOW did you smell that guy he was RRIPE!
  15. what is the etiology of COPD
    tobacco and exposure to occupational and environmental pollutants
  16. what is contraindicated for a COPD pt?
    • epi
    • N2O
    • supine
  17. what position should be used for a pt with COPD
    6'oclock....oh wait no upright or semi-upright (which can still be done at 6'oclock if ya like..ENJOY)
  18. what does a pt have if they have had a cough with expectoration for at least 3 months for 2 years or more.
    Chronic bronchitis
  19. how would you describe a chronic bronichitis pt...remember your BBBB's
    Bronchitis=Blue Bloater Both (inspiration and expiration breathing difficulty)
  20. what type of pt has difficulty on breathing during expiration, minimal no productive cough and is barrel chested?
  21. would a pt with emphysema have weight loss or gain?
    weight loss
  22. how would you describe a pt with emphysema? EEPP!
    emphysema=expiration and pink puffers
  23. what are the signs and symptoms of viral pneumonia?
    • cough
    • sputum
    • mild fever
    • dyspnea
  24. what pulmonary condition is caused by a virus or bacteria?
  25. what is dyspnea
    labored or difficulty breathing
  26. what is the most prevalant form of pneumonia? least?
    • viral
    • bacterial
  27. which form of pneumonia is nosocomial?
  28. what is the tx for bacterial pneumonia
  29. what is the tx for viral pneumonia
    no tx just rest
  30. what are the signs and symptoms of bacterial pneumonia
    • sudden onset
    • coughing, purulent, sputum
    • fever
    • chest pain
    • dyspnea
    • tachypnea
  31. what does a pt have who exhibits these symptoms: (yes I want you to diagnose, I know it goes against everything we have been taught but get over it) nasal obstruction, fever, chills, constant mid face pain, palpation over sinus area with tenderness and swelling
  32. what is the etiology of sinusitis?
    bacterial infection of the sinus
  33. what are the triggers for sinusitis?
    URI, dental infection and direct trauma
  34. what is the treatment for sinusitis?
    • antibiotics
    • decogestant
  35. what are the oral findings of sinusitis?
    • dry mouth
    • PRESSURE ON MAX MOLARS cause symptoms of a tooth ache
  36. what is chronic inflammatory respiratory disease consistas of recurrent episodes of dyspnea, coughing, wheezing, due to bronchial inflammation muscular constriction and is REVERSIBLE
  37. what are the side effects of albuterol?
    • xerostomia
    • oral candidiasis
  38. what are the oral manifesations of inhalers (bronchodilators)? 5
    • xerostomia
    • caries and gingivitis
    • enamel erosion
    • oral candidiasis
  39. what are tow meds to treat acute asthma?
    albuterol (bronchodilator), theophylline
  40. when scheduling an appt for an asthma pt what should you remind them of prior to their appt?
    remind them to bring their inhaler
  41. t/f if asthma pt is uncontrolled you should reappoint until they are controlled
  42. what time of day is best for an asthma pt?
    late morning/late afternoon appts
  43. what type of LA should be avoided with asthma pt
  44. when should epi be given to an astham pt?
    if pt decompensates...that tells you a lot I know..sorry?
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