Lesson 12

  1. youth
    qing1 nian2
  2. to worry
    fan2 nao3
  3. market
    shi4 chang3
  4. catty, kilogram
  5. two dollars and fifty cents
    liang3 kuai4 wu3
  6. price goes up
    zhang3 jia4
  7. fifty cents
    wu3 mao2
  8. severe
    li4 hai4
  9. free market
    zi4 you2 shi4 chang2
  10. free
    zi4 you2
  11. sighing sound
  12. to live everyday life
    guo4 ri4 zi
  13. day, specific date, life
    ri4 zi
  14. isn't that the way it is?
    ke3 bu2 shi4 ma
  15. fuel, firewood
  16. rice
  17. oil
  18. salt
  19. to do business
    zuo4 sheng1 yi4
  20. to kill
  21. to do
  22. to invite guests, to have a dinner, party, to treat to
    qing3 ke4
  23. those two
    ta1 men2 lia3
  24. long ago
  25. unit
    dan1 wei4
  26. those two
    ta1 lia3
  27. peking university
    bei3 da4
  28. lucky, fortunate
    xing4 yun4
  29. the same one
    tong2 yi2 ge
  30. a married couple, husband and wife
  31. fu1 fu4
  32. here to assign, to divide
    fen1 pei4
  33. seldom, difficult to get the chance to
    nan2 de2
  34. see face, to seem someone, to meet someone
    jian4 mian4
  35. to approve, to permit
    pi1 zhun3
  36. primarily
    zhu3 yao4
  37. broken, owrn out, bad
  38. think...
  39. to crowd, to queeze
  40. don't mention
    gen4 bie2 shuo1
  41. to, towards
  42. tight, in short supply
    jin3 zhang1
  43. single
    dan1 shen1
  44. age
    nian2 ji4
  45. to be able to get one's turn
    lun2 de dao4
  46. wheel, to take turns
  47. the second child
    lao3 er
  48. spouse
    ai4 ren2
  49. to yield, to give up the right
  50. convenient
    fang1 bian4
  51. to yell, to shout out to promote something in an exaggerated manner
  52. the four modernizations
    si4 ge xian4 dai4 jia4
  53. modernized
    xian4 dai4 hua4
  54. -ize, -ify
  55. the common people, civilians
    lao3 bai3 xing4
  56. basic, fundamental
    ji1 ben3
  57. not be able to resolve
    jie3 jue2 bu liao3
  58. to resolve, to solve
    jie3 jue2
  59. loudly
    da4 sheng1
  60. dad, daddy
  61. teacher
    jiao4 shi1
  62. party, gang
  63. to retire
    tui4 xiu2
  64. to be able to face
    dui4 de qi3
  65. neighborhood committee
    jie1 dao4 wei3 yuan2
  66. to cause trouble; to look for trouble
    zho3 ma2 fan2
  67. to mention, to bring up
    shuo1 qi3
  68. why must?
    he2 bi4
  69. to keep, to stay, remain
  70. little intention, not much of anything, a token of something
    xia3 yi4 si1
  71. to take, to accept
    shou1 xia4
  72. the great cultural revolution
    wen2 hua4 da4 ge2 ming4
  73. to commit suicide
    zi4 sha1
  74. over and over again
    yi2 zai4
  75. to be a target of severe criticism
    shou4 pi1 dou4
  76. to make a public criticism
    pi1 dou4
  77. meeting for public criticism
    pi1 dou4 hu4
  78. the red guards
    hong2 wei4 bing1
  79. to beat to the point that...
    da3 cheng2
  80. severe injury
    zhong4 shang1
  81. beforel ong
    mei2 duo1 jiu3
  82. to hang oneself
    shang4 diao4
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