Reproductive System

  1. Methods of Reproductive System
    • Asexual: an individual produces 2 daughter cells that are identical
    • Sexual: Fusion of gametes (Sperm and Egg)
  2. Types of Asexual Reproduction
    • 1. Binary Fission: One Splits into 2
    • 2. Budding(plants): new individuals split off of parent
    • 3. Fragmentation: parent seperates into 2 or more pieces becoming individuals
  3. Gonads
    • Male-testes
    • Female-ovary
  4. Gametes
    • Male-sperm
    • Female-egg

    both come together in fertilization to form zygote
  5. External Fertilization
    Gametes are discharged outside of individuals
  6. Internal Fertilization
    Sperm discharged and deposited inside the female
  7. Asexual Reproduction (Advantages)
    • No STD
    • Time Efficient
    • Energy conserved
    • Not mobile
  8. Sexual Reproduction Advantages
  9. Gamete Formation (Gametogenesis)
    • Spermatogenesis:coiled tubes of testes (2n tissue from testes walls undergoes meiosis~10weeks)
    • Oogenesis: prior to birth, 2n cells in follicles undergo Meiosis partially.

    Meiosis is completed and must be fertilized
  10. Contraception (definition)
    deliberate prevention of pregnancy
  11. Contraception types
    • Abstinence: avoiding intercourse
    • Sterilization: prevention of sperm reacing egg
    • -Vasectomy-section of vas deferens removed
    • -Tubal ligation-section of fallopian tube removed
    • Natural Family Planning: couple refrains from intercourse during ovulation
    • Withdrawal: male withdrawals before ejaculation
  12. Barrier Method
    • condom: usually latex/sheep skin (male)
    • diaphragms: dome-shape cap covering cervix (female)
  13. Methods "Preventing releasal of gametes"
    • Birth control pills
    • Birth control implants
    • IUD- T-shaped plastic thats inserted into cervix
  14. Preventing fertilization
    • Morning After Pill: 72 hours after intercourse
    • Mifepristone-Medical abortion
  15. Bacteria STD's
    • Chlamydia
    • Gonorrhea
    • Syphilis (antibiotics at early stage)

    Medication: antibiotics
  16. Virus STD's
    • HIV
    • Herpes

    No Cure
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