1. aesthetic
    having to do with the appreciation of beauty
  2. aural
    of or related to the ear or the sense of hearing
  3. cacophony
    discordant, unpleasant noise
  4. dirge
    a funeral hymn or lament
  5. eclectic
    made up of a variety of sources or styles
  6. incongruous
    lacking in harmony; incompatible
  7. sonorous
    producing a deep or full sound
  8. strident
    loud, harsh, grating, or shrill
  9. debacle
    disastrous or ludicrous defeat or failure; fiasco
  10. debilitate
    impair the strength of; weaken
  11. tumultuous
    noisy and disorderly
  12. anachronistic
    the representation of something as existing or happening in the wrong period of time
  13. archaic
    characteristic of an earlier time; antiquated; old
  14. dilatory
    habitually late
  15. ephemeral
    lasting for only a brief time
  16. redolent
    fragrant; aromatic; sugeestive
  17. temporal
    of, releasing to, or limited by time
  18. onerous
    troublesome or oppresive; burdensome
  19. portent
    indication of something important or calamitous about to occur; omen
  20. prescience
    knowledge of actions or events before they occur; forknowledge; foresight
  21. austere
    without decorations; strict
  22. banal
    drearily commonplace; predictable; trite
  23. hackneyed
    worn out through oceruse; trite
  24. insipid
    uninteresting; unchallenging; lacking taste or savor
  25. prosaic
    unimaginative; dull (antonym: poetic)
  26. soporific
    inducing or tending to induce sleep
  27. vapid
    lacking liveliness, animation, or interest; dull
  28. brevity
    the quality or state of being brief in duration
  29. expedient
    appropriate to a purpose; convenient; speedy
  30. transient
    passing quickly in time or space
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