Vocab Lesson 19-21

  1. abrogate
    to abolish or annul by authority
  2. acquisition
    the process of gaining posession
  3. conquistador
    a conqueror
  4. inquisitive
    eager to learn, curious
  5. perquisite
    a payment received in addition to a regular wage
  6. presage
    to indicate or warn in advance
  7. quest
    the act or instance of seeking or pursuing something
  8. requisite
    required; essential
  9. sagacity
    keenness of perception; wisdom
  10. surrogate
    something that takes the place of another
  11. abeyance
    the condition of being temporarily set aside
  12. abstemious
    sparing, moderate
  13. circuitous
    being or taking a roundabout course
  14. circumvent
    to avoid or as if passing around
  15. elude
    to escape from, as if by cunning or daring
  16. eschew
    to avoid habitually; shun
  17. evasion
    the act of escaping or avoiding by cleverness
  18. malinger
    to pretend to be ill and avoid work
  19. oblique
    indirect; not straughtforward
  20. shirk
    to neglect, put off, or avoid discharging (a duty)
  21. banal
    freshness or originality, trite
  22. emulate
    to strive to equal or excel
  23. mimicry
    the close imitation of the speech of another
  24. platutude
    a trite remark or statement
  25. prototype
    an original type or form that serves as a model
  26. recapitulate
    to repeated in concise form
  27. redundant
    exceeding what is necessary or natural
  28. rendition
    an interpretation of a musical score
  29. sham
    something false or empty that is supposed to be genuine
  30. simulation
    an imitation
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