Anatomy Lecture Final

  1. Example of Negative Feedback
    • Blood
    • Temp. control
    • contractions
    • Teeter-Totter
  2. Example of Positive Feedback
    • Blood COAGULATION;
    • domino effect
  3. Atom's Bohr Diagram
    Valance shell=outermost layer<---engage in chemical reaction(Most stable at 8)
  4. chemical bond formation/types of chemical reactions
    (chemistry VS biology version)
    • Ionic bond;attraction between ions of opposite charge
    • Covalent bond;sharing electrons:non-polar & polar
    • hydrogen bond;weak interaction,(usually an oxygen or nitrogen atom)
  5. Stressful situation activates
    Sympathetic divison of the autonomic nervous system
  6. Acetycholine governs:
    parasympathetic division of ANS
  7. Epinephrine/norepinephrine governs:
    sympathetic divison of ANS
  8. "Emotional Brain"
    Limbic System
  9. "Primitive Brain"
    Medulla oblongata/Brainstem
  10. AChE inactivates
    ACh, blunting it's effect on muscle cell plasma membrane.
  11. Muscle Sub-types and charactaristics
    • Skeletal Muscle:vouluntary, striated multinucleate, terminal call type
    • Smooth Muscle: invountary,non-striated,Can undergo mitosis
    • Cardiac: invountary, slow dividing
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