1. What is a Threshold?
    System can not maintain its functional operation therefore adjust are made at a new operational level.
  2. What is Positive Feedback?
    • Feedback that encourages a respones in a system
    • Tendency to continue or magnify impacts
    • Leads to Stability
  3. What is Equilibrium?
    Balance between opposing forces such that any changes in any of the controlling variables will necessitate a corresponding response in the dependent variables to maintain overall system stability.
  4. What is exogenic?
    Forces on earth's surface
  5. What is endogenic?
    Forces within earth's surface
  6. What is metastable equilibrium?
    Stable equilibrium exist because there is no trigger (threshold) to intitate change.
  7. What is stead-state equilibrium?
    A state of an open system wherein properties are invariant when considered with reference to a given time scale, but within which its instantaneous conditions may oscillate due to the presence of interacting variables.
  8. What is a systems approach?
    Set of objects together with relationships between objects are between their attributes.
  9. What is a cascading or flow system?
    Consists of flow of engery and/or mater from one object to another; we attempt to understand the processes that cause movement but do not understand quantitative relationships that exist between objects related t the transfer of engery.
  10. what is Process-response system?
    Integrates characteristics of both morphological and cascading systems (1 or more ) of both and a model of the process involved in the movement, storage and transformation of energy and or matter between systems objects and we can fully understand the form of the system.
  11. What is Static Equilibrium?
    balance of tendencies brings about a static condition of certain ststem properties, both absolutely and relatively.
  12. What is stable equilibrium?
    Tendency for a system to move back toward a previous equilibrium condition after being distrubed by limited external forces.
  13. What is unstable equilibrium?
    Small displacement leads to a greater displacement, usually terminated by the achievement of a new stable equilibrium.
  14. What is metastable equilibrium?
    when stable equilibrium obtains only in the abscense of a suitable trigger.
  15. What is Dynamic Equilibrium?
    Balance fluctuations about a constantly changing system condition which ahs a trajectory of unrepeated average states through time.
  16. What is a process-response model?
    • Brings together both morphological and cascading systems.
    • Cause and Affect
  17. What is a closed system?
    Engergy may transfer into and out of system but no mass.
  18. What is an Isolated system?
    No energy or matter leaks out of the system and none comes in.
  19. What is an Open System?
    Matter and engergy flow into and out of a system freely.

    Most of earth's systems.
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