1. What ALMIS status should personel be placed into prior transferring?
    Flight ops holding area, OPFAC 90000
  2. What is the Flight Safety Maintenance Document used for?
    Inform pilot and crew that maintenance has been performed that could affect the aircraft's flight characteristics. This form also doubles as a sign-off sheet for the mechanics, QA, maintenance release authority, and the pilot to assure all necessary steps are completed
  3. What paper form is signed by the pilot after the completion of the functional check?
    The No Mission
  4. In preperation for fly-away operations and periods of non-connectivity each unit shall maintain a sufficent amout of ALMIS forms to enable normal aircraft operations for how long?
    1 week
  5. What color is the pre-mission and servicing Record?
  6. What color is the Flight Record?
  7. What color is the Flight Generated Maintenance Record?
  8. What color is the Flight Safety Maintenance Document?
  9. What color is the No Mission Form?
  10. Selective use of paper forms is authorize for periods of non-connectivity that do net exceed how long?
    4 Hours
  11. All paper logbook forms WILL be used for periods of non-connectivity that exceed what amount of time?
    4 hours
  12. Entries made on paper forms shall be ________?
  13. All name entries shall include the members?
    • Grade
    • Rank
    • Rate
    • Last 4 numbers of SS#
  14. Dates and times shall be recorded in EAL & paper forms in what format? Except on What?
    ZULU, Flight Schedule.
  15. How are dates recorded in EAL?
  16. What shall be done when the EAL system comes available with the paper forms?
    Shall be entered into ALMIS by the unit flight and maintenance record recorder. Once they are entered they are retained at the unit for 90 days then disposed.
  17. Accumulated flight hours recorded on the Flight Record and the Flight Generated Maintenance Record shall be recorded to the nearest _______ of an hour.
  18. Acumulated flight hours shall be rounded to the nearest ________ hour on all other forms other than the Flight Record and Flight Generated Maintenance Record.
  19. Can an asset in NMC status be used on an operational mission?
  20. What symbol indicates NMC status?
    Red downward pointing arrow
  21. What symbol indicates a FMC asset?
    Upward pointing triangle
  22. What symbol indicates a PMC asset?
    Yellow sideward pointing triangle
  23. How is EAL Maintenance Labor-Hours documented for MLH reported on a MPC?
    When accounted for on a MPC, check "MPC" in the corrective action MLH block
  24. What is required for a grounded aircraft before the aircraft can be released for flight?
    Maintenance Release
  25. When corrective actions on a BRAVO aircraft is delayed beyond 24 hours what are the 3 codes that must be assigned to the discrepancy?
    • CF - Indicates Carried Forward
    • PP - Parts Pending
    • SQ - a no-mission generated maintenance squawk.
  26. All deferred maintenance actions SHALL be authorized by whom before release for flight?
    EO or his designate
  27. When utilizing the paper forms all CF and PP deferred discrepancies shall be transfered to what form?
    Deferred Maintenance Record. All SQ deffered discrepancies shall be transferred to the Maintenance Discrepancy Report.
  28. How are Deffered Discrepancies signed off?
    Reenter each discrepancy on a No-Mission Maintenance Record and sign off with the appropriate corrective action.
  29. Where should Cannibalization events be logged on paper forms?
    They shall be transferred to the Deffered Maintenance Record to ensure the highest visability.
  30. With the exception of deployed aircraft no deffered discrepancies shall remain open for a period longer than how many days without the approval of EO or designate?
    30 days
  31. Ground checks that require a qualiffied pilot in type at the controls will require entry of the functional check where?
    Mission Schedule
  32. After completion of the functional check the PIC will enter at least one what in the asset maintenance record?
    mission-generated discrep (minimum entry of "none"
  33. Assets undergoing a Ground Check requiring a qualified pilot in type at the controls will have cowling removed and test equipment installed. Where is this documented?
    Asset Maintenance Records.
  34. If ground checks are the only requirement for the release for flight do the QA briefing and functional check complete certifications need a signature?
  35. Where is the Deffered Maintenance Record kept in the assets logbook?
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