US History Presidents 2

  1. Grover Cleveland Nickname
    Veto President
  2. William McKinley Nickname
    Idol of Ohio
  3. William Mckinley
    • Lawyer/republican
    • Well Educated
    • U.S. enters spanish-american war
    • Paris peace treaty
    • Industry Developes
    • Gold Standard Act
    • Tariff rates raise
    • Territories(puerto rico Guam Phillippines)
  4. Theodore Roosevelt Nickname
    Trust Buster
  5. Theodore Roosevelt
    • Hero of Spanish-American war
    • Prevented establishment of foreign bases in Caribbean
    • Construction of Panama Canal
    • Broadened use of Executive Power
    • Made President center of politics
  6. William Taft Nickname
    Big Bill / Big Chief
  7. William Taft
    • Ballinger-Pinchot Affair
    • Continue TR's Big Stick diplomacy
    • Known for making peacefull decisions
    • Established postal service
    • Substandard president
    • Did not believe in Expanding President Authority
    • First Lady Hellen "Nellie" Herron Taft
    • Broke up many trust (split republican party)
  8. Hellen "Nellie" Herron Taft
    Pushed husband towards presidency
  9. Woodrow Wilson Nickname
    School Master in Politics
  10. Woodrow Wilson
    • "Man who kept us out of war"
    • Made many progressive reforms
    • President during ww1
    • 14 Points
    • League of Nations
    • First Lady:Edith Bolling Galt
    • One of the most effective cabinets
    • First President to travel to Europe
  11. Edith Bolling Galt
    First lady who had most control after Wilson's stroke
  12. Warren Harding Nickname
    Wobby Warren
  13. Warren Harding
    • Federal Budget System
    • Dawes Plan
    • Teapot Dome scandal
    • First Lady: Florence Mabel Kiing
  14. Florence Mabel Kiing
    Rumored to have poisoned husband to prevent accusation of corruption
  15. Calvin Coolidge Nickname
    Silent Cal
  16. Calvin Coolidge
    • Governor of Massachusetts
    • Not very active president
    • Went along with Immigration Act
    • Kept constant with current policies.
  17. Chester Arthur Nickname
    The Gentleman Boss
  18. Chester Arthur
    • Construction of steam-powered steel cruisers, steel rams, and steel-clad gunboats
    • Showed tremendous flexibility and a willingness to embrace reform
    • Demonstrated how the office of President could bring out the very best in its occupants
  19. Abraham Lincoln Nickname
    Humble man of the people
  20. Abraham Lincoln
    • Excepted slavery where it existed
    • Civil war
    • Wants to save the union
    • Gettysburg
    • Extended hand towards the south
  21. The Harding Presidency
    • Took office at "normalcy"
    • Isolation
    • Disarmament
    • Limiting Immigration
    • The Teapot Dome Scandal
  22. Isolation
    hardings foreign policy
  23. Disarmament
    a program in which nations of the world would give up their weapons
  24. The teapot dome scandal
    Secretly gave oil drilling rights on gov't oil fields in the Elk hills and teapot dome
  25. The Coolidge Presidency
    • Laissez faire
    • Continued Isolationism
    • Kellogg-Briand Pact
  26. Kellogg-Briand Pact
    15 nations agreed not to use the treat of war in their dealings to one another
  27. The election of 1928
    • Coolidge chose not to run again
    • Hoover vs Alfred E. Smith
    • Hoover won with large margain
  28. Blame for depth of depression
    Herbert Hoover
  29. conservationists
    people concerned with the care and protection of natural resources.
  30. The Ballinger-Pinchot Affair
    • a party crises worsened when taft ignored conservationists.
    • Allowed privet group to obtain land in Alaska
  31. The Midterm Election of 1910
    backlash to tafts presidency
  32. New Nationalism
    • TR called for
    • -more regulation of business
    • -welfare legislation
    • -progressive reforms
    • -stronger workplace protections
  33. The bull moose party
    • tariff redudction, womens suffrage..etc
    • split up republican party during the election of 1912
    • Wilson wins in result
  34. Four-way election
    • Split republican party
    • Wilson wins in result
  35. New Freedom Policy
    Wilson promised to enforce antitrust laws without threatening free economic competition
  36. Clayton Anti-trust act
    • Strengthened sherman anti-trust act
    • gov't now committed to regulating business
  37. Federal Reserve System
    • 8-12 Fed reserve banks created
    • Supervised b Fed reserve board
    • borrow money for short term demands
    • New national currency - Federal Reserve notes-
  38. Wisconsin Idea (La follette)
    • Initiative (more choice to voters)
    • Referendum (let the people decide)
    • Recall (Unelected representatives)
    • Direct Primary (Directly chose who is on ticket)
  39. Whig
    • -Big business
    • Probank
    • Diverse Economy
    • ProTariff
    • Slavery-Split Party
    • Pro States Rights
    • Anti-Jackson
  40. Republican
    • Anti-Slavery Whigs
    • ....Big Business
    • Trans Conti RR
    • Pro-tariff
    • Regulate Slavery
    • Fed Gov't wins over secession
    • Lincoln, Johnson, Grant
  41. Progressives
    • 1920-Womens Bureau
    • Womans Suffrage
    • End Child Labor
    • 8hour work day
    • workers immigrats
    • women

    • Consumer protection
    • FDA labor dept
    • Meat Inspection

    Conservation National Forests.
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