Jazz Final

  1. Cool and West Coast Jazz
    Associated with white musicians in CA
  2. Hard Bop
    • Indistinguishable from Bebop, hard-swinging and syncopated rhythms, a blues basis, experimentation with the meter, long solos.
    • It was the direct opposite of Cool Jazz.
  3. Charles Mingus
    Capable of playing all extant Jazz styles, used pianistic approach, and used conversational approach.
  4. The Civil Rights Movement
    Aimed at dissolving racially segregated facilities in the south and restoring suffrage to southern blacks.
  5. Brown v. Board of Education
    Overturned Plessy v. Furguson. Ruled segregated schools unconstitutional.
  6. James Meredith
    Sued to enter the University of Mississippi. He won suit but Mississippi Governor Barnette blocked his admittance. President Kennedy showed up with Marshals and turned the campus into a riot zone.
  7. The Little Rock Crisis
    Faubus (Governor of Arkansas) prevented desegregation. He prevented nine black students from entering a white school.
  8. Civil Rights Act 1964
    Banned segregation in employment practices, public places, and schools.
  9. Voting Rights Act of 1965
    Banned discriminatory practices leading to disenfranchisement.
  10. The Immigration and Nationality Services Act of 1965
    Abolished immigration quotas that had been in place since 1924.
  11. The Fair Housing Act
    Prohibiting sale, rental and financing of housing based on race, religion, or national origin; later described to gender, the physically disabled, and families with children.
  12. Jazz and Civil Rights
    Jazz musicians preformed at benefit concerts, recorded albums with political themes, attributed political meanings to some aesthetics, explored African and non-American/non-European musical and religious ideas, and engaged in highly dialogues about races and racism in the Jazz industry.
  13. Avant-garde Jazz
    It fostered a sense of community, and maintain/promote a separate black identify. Linked to Black nationalism partly from the racial politics of some practitioners and advocates, as well as the explosive/expressionistic nature of the music.
  14. Black Nationalism
    Aimed to gain equality for all no matter what race, religion, etc.
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