1. Name the three general functional areas (subdivisions) of the 2W career field.
    • (2W0) munitions systems
    • (2W1) aircraft armament
    • (2W2) nuclear weapons
  2. Why are job descriptions identified in the AFECD general in nature?
    • They apply to a wide range of jobs within the career field or subdivisions
    • Do not include all duties and responsibilities of the specialty
  3. What duties and responsibilities for specific skill levels of a specialty are not described in the AFECD?
    • non-skilled 2W031 (apprentice)
    • semi-skilled 2W051 (journeyman).
  4. Why is it important for you to be familiar with the duties of all the subdivisions of the 2W careerfield?
    • They interrelatewith your own
    • What you do in “ammo” affects, or is affected by, those who work in the other careerfield subdivisions.
  5. Munitions systems helper (2W011)
    • Must hold a secret clearance
    • Be a United States citizen
    • Be mentally stable
    • Have normal color vision and depth perception
    • Qualify to operate government vehicles.
    • Do not have any career field duties and responsibilities
    • They must complete technical school before being assigned to the munitions systems AFSC.
  6. Munitions system apprentice (2W031)
    • Upon award of the 3-skill level
    • Upon completing the Munitions Systems Specialist Course.
    • Work “under the wing” of a journeyman or craftsman. Assist in various munitions systems related tasks
    • Always with the necessary supervision to ensure your safety and the safety of others and the resources involved.
    • Before awarded the 5-skill level, must be qualified to perform the tasks required for the duty position,
    • meet the mandatory experience requirements outlined on the AFECD Website
    • and complete the 5-level career development courses (CDC).
    • Immediate supervisor or trainer documents qualification to perform tasks in a CFETP containing a specialty training standard(STS).
    • Experience is mandatory in warehousing, mechanical assembly, transportation, and accountability functions.
  7. Munitions system journeyman (2W051)
    • Handles the basic tasks associated with the day-to-day operation of munitions.
    • Receive, identify, inspect, store, recondition, ship, issue, deliver, maintain, test, and assemble guided and unguided non-nuclear munitions.
    • Receive, inspect, and maintain munitions handling equipment and handle, store, and transport nuclear weapons.
    • Career progression, including promotion in the Air Force, is directly related to the efforts expended to attain and maintain qualification in your specialty.
    • Attaining and maintaining this qualification is primary responsibility.
  8. What AFSC is assigned to personnel while in basic training?
  9. New airmen who have completed basic training are assigned what title and AFS code in the 2W0 career field until they are upgraded to the 3-skill level?
    2W011 Helper
  10. What AFS identifies a semi-skilled individual?
    2W051 Journeyman
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