Circulatory System

  1. Circulatory System Functions
    • Distributes nutrients
    • Protection against injury and toxins
    • Waste products transport
    • Temperature regulation
    • Exchange O2 and CO2
  2. Circulatory system in animals
    • A. Open Circulatory system
    • -no blood, no true heart
    • -insects
    • B. Closed Circulatory system
    • -blood vessels, 2 and 4 chambered heart.
  3. Human Circulatory System (Flow)
    • Right ventrical- oxygen poor blood-pumps to lungs via pulminary artery
    • Pulminary artery
    • Capillaries in lungs deposit CO2 and gather O2 goes back to heart
    • Pulminary vein
    • O2 rich blood enters heart via LA and then LV
    • LV
    • Aorta pumps O2 rich blood to body
    • Capillaries deposit O2 and Gather CO2
    • Vena Cava brings blood back to heart
    • Right Atrium transport to Right Ventrical
  4. Arteries transport blood...
    away from heart
  5. Veins transport blood..
    to heart
  6. Blood Vessels (3 types)
    • 1. Artery- pump blood away from heart (thick tissue)
    • 2. Vein- pump blood to heart (thin tissue)
    • 3. Capillaries- 1 cell thick exchanges O2 and CO2
  7. Blood (made up of)
    • Cells suspended in liquid
    • 1. Plasma--90% water
    • -electrolytes
    • -nutrients, waste products, hormones
    • -proteins (antibodies, clotting, water balance)
  8. Cells (3 types)
    • a. Enthocytes (red blood cells)
    • b. Leukocytes (white blood cells)
    • c. Platelets (cell fragments of bone marrow)
  9. Enthocytes (red blood cells)
    • greatest number
    • No Nucleus
    • Produced by bone marrow
  10. Leukocytes (white blood cells)
    • fight bacteria and infection
    • mobile (move in and out of vessel)
    • produced by bone marrow
    • Contain Nucleus
  11. Platelets (cell fragments of bone marrow)
    • Contains Nucleus
    • Clotting
  12. Conditions of Circulatory System
    • Anemia- low count of red blood cells (constantly tired)
    • EPO- hormone that stimulates red blood cell production
    • -athletes- inject EPO, blood doping
    • Leukemia- Cancer of white blood cells
  13. Cardiovascular Disease
    • Atherosclerosis- blockage of blood vessels
    • -Heart attack- block arteries that feed the heart
    • -Stroke- blocked artery that feeds brain
  14. Cardiovascular Disease (treatment)
    • angioplasty- tiny catheter with balloonn inserted and inflated to compress plaque
    • Bypass- vessels from leg used as detour around blocked vessels
    • Stent- mesh wire props open vessel
    • Transplant
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