Review Modules

  1. When is Sterile cockpit in effect?
    • From Block Out > Taxi > Take Off > up to 10,000 feet then from 10,000 feet > Landing > Taxi > Block In
    • All ground ops involving movement on the surface, taxi, takeoff, and landing and all other ops below 10,000 feet
  2. What is chain of command on baord?
    • PIC
    • SIC
    • L1
    • R1
    • L2
    • R2
  3. What is the age range of an unaccompanied minor?
    from 5 to 11 years old
  4. What are 3 places a child safety restraint may not be placed?
    • In an Exit Row or 1 row forward or aft of that row.
    • In am isle seat.
    • In the middle seat that blocks egress of another passenger.
  5. What is the number of flight attendants that must be present for boarding and deplaning?
    Three (3)
  6. Define Lap Child
    A child that has not yet reached it's second birthday.
  7. What 3 points are discussed in a nonambularatory customer individual safety briefing?
    • Where is the nearest floor level exit?
    • When is the best time to move to that exit?
    • How may I assist you without causing further injury?
  8. How many pets are allowed on a flight?
  9. Which Flight Attendant gives the Exit Row briefing?
  10. What points must be covered in the exit row briefing?
    • Are you aware that you are are sitting in an exit row?
    • Do you understand the responsibility of being seated in this row?
    • Are you willing and able to assist if necessary?
  11. How many Flight Attendants must remain onboard at stops where through customers remain onboard?
    1 and that F/A may be replaced by a pilot
  12. Where i the galley would you store a customers medication that needs to be chilled?
    You wouldn't, you would give them a motion sickness bag with ice in it to store their medication in.
  13. What is the limit for carry-on baggage?
    One (1)
  14. What are the approved areas for carry-on bags?
    • Overhead bin
    • Under the seat in fromt of you
  15. Can a person hold her purse on her lap during takeoff or landing?
  16. When deadheading, a flight attendant may sleep. T or F
  17. When and where is it appropriate for a flight attendant to eat?
    • After in-flight service is done and all of the trash is picked up
    • out of the view of customers
  18. When is it ok to smoke in uniform?
    Never in public
  19. When must a flight attendant stop drinking?
    Eight hours prior to being on duty.
  20. What are three criteria for customers sittling in an exit row?
    • Must be at least 15 years olf
    • Must read and understand English
    • Must not be wearing a seatbelt extension
    • Must have sufficient mobility, strength or dexterity in both arms and hands and both legs
    • Must have sufficient visual capability to preform the applicable functions
    • Must have sufficient aural capacity to hear and understand instructions shouted
  21. How many service animals are allowed onboard a plane?
    there is no limit
  22. Where can a visually impared person store their cane?
    • Overhead Bin
    • Flat on the Floor under any series of connected seats in the same row, provided that the mobility device does not protrude
    • Flat on the floor between any non-emergency exit seat and the fuselage
  23. Where should Id's be worn?
    • Below the neck
    • Above the waist
    • On the outermost garmet
  24. How often must F/A's attend recurrant training?
  25. What is AirTran's policy reguarding portable oxygen bottles?
    They cannot be carried on.
  26. How many Flight Attnedants are required on the 717 and the 737?
    Three (3)
  27. What items should be covered in the unaccompanied minor safety briefing?
    • Point out exits and give instruction to exit aircraft in an emergency with customers seated next to them.
    • Use safety information card to point out PSU items; allow minor to "pull down" on the demo oxygen mask.
    • Verify location of floatation devices.
    • Ensure familiarity with seatbelt operation; explain "Fasten Seatbelt" sign.
    • Stoe carry-on items in the proper lcations.
    • Verify location and review operation of lavatories.
    • Instruct minor NOT to leave the aircraft at the destination until a Flight Attendant escorts them off the A/C andhands them over to the CSA.
  28. What pets are allowed in the cabin of the palne? And how should they be transpoted?
    • Domestic dogs, cats and birds.
    • They should be in am approved pet carrier.
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