Advance Lit. Terms Quiz 3

  1. pathos
    pity, sympathy, or sorrow felt by the reader in response to literature
  2. polysyndeton
    the overuse of conjunctions in a sentence, especially and, and or.
  3. pun
    a play on words
  4. regionalism
    writing that draws heavily from a specific geographic area using speech, folklore, bgeliefs, and customs
  5. repartee
    a comback, a quick response
  6. romanticism
    literary movement in the 18th and 19th century that portrayed the beauty of untamed nature, emotion, the nobility of the common man, rights of the individual, spiritualism, imagination, fancy
  7. satire
    writing that blends humor and wit with criticism of institutions or mankind in general
  8. soliloquy
    a long speech made by a character who is alone, who reveals private thoughts and feelings to the reader or audience
  9. static character
    a character who changes little in the course of the story
  10. subplot
    a minor or secondary plot that complicates a story
  11. surrealism
    20th century art, literature, and film that juxtaposes unnatural combinations of images for a fantastic or dreamlike effect.
  12. synecdoche
    a figure of speech in which the part symbolizes the whole
  13. syntax
    word order, the way in which words are put together
  14. tone
    the attitude toward a subject or audience impli8ed by a literary work
  15. Transcendentalism
    a 19th century American philosophical and literary movement that espoused belief that intuition and conscience transcend experience and are therefore better guides to truth than logec and the senses
  16. understatement
    saying less than is actually called for
  17. utopia
    a perfect or ideal world
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