WWII vocabulary

  1. Allied powers
    26 nations led by the US great britain and the Soviet union, who fought the axis powers in WWII
  2. appeasemant
    an attempt to preserve peace by yielding to the demands of the aggression
  3. Axis powers
    WWII alliance between Germany Italy and Japan
  4. Blitz Krieg
    German for lightning war; a type of warfare using rapidly moving tanks and infantry supported by air power
  5. collaborator
  6. Concentration camp
    a camp where large numbers of political enimies prisoners of war or members of a minority groups were held by the govt.
  7. Conscientious objector
    a person who objects to fighting a war for moral/religious reasons
  8. D-Day
    June 6, 1944; all troops invade France at Normandy
  9. Dictator
    a leader who has complete control of a country
  10. draft
    the selection of a person to serve in the military
  11. fascism
    a politicial system in which the state or govt is seen more important than the individual
  12. final solution
    a nazi plan to annihilate the jews
  13. Genocide
    Geno-race cide-killing
  14. Ghetto
    a section of a ciry where racial or other minority groups are crouded together
  15. holocause
    attempted extermination of all jews during WWII mass murder 6 million jews
  16. Island hopping
    a plan to invade only larger Japanese held islands
  17. Kamikaze
    japanese suicide against allied shipos in the pacific
  18. Kristullnacht
    Nazi sponsored program led rundalism of jewish shops and synagogs 10,000 jews arrested
  19. National socialist german workers party
    the nazy party
  20. Nisei
    second generation Japanese Americans
  21. Manhattan project
    US effort to build an atomic bomb
  22. tota liturgism
    form of govt every aspect of citizens lives are controlled by govt
  23. operation overlord
    codename for cross channel invasion of France during WWII
  24. scapegoat
    an individual or group of people blamed for action of others
  25. underground
    going into hiding also term for a group acting in secret to oppose govt and resist the occupation
  26. rationing
    limitations placed on certain scarce goods
  27. Propaganda
    info designed to influence thingking of behavior
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