Java 4/28/2011

  1. storyboard
    A diagrammatic form of a prototype that shows a planned sequence of screen displays, demonstrating the different paths available to the user
  2. structure diagram
    A diagram that represents the working relationships between the parts of a system or program
  3. subprogram
    a program invoked by another program
  4. syntax
    the rules that govern the stucture of language, particularly for forming statements in a source language correctly
  5. syntax error
    an error in the rules that govern the structure of language statements
  6. system documentation
    • Documentation of the result of the systems analysis.
    • Gives the purpose of the system, required I/O, a test plan and expected results.
  7. System life cycle
    The course of development changes through which a system passes from its conception to the termination of its use.
  8. Systems analyst
    A person who carries out a systematic investigation of a real or planned system to determine the information requirements and processes of the system, and how these relate to each other and to another system.
  9. Systems design
    The investigation of recording existing systems and the design of new systems
  10. Systems flowchart
    • A flowchart used to describe a complete data processing system.
    • Includes the flow of data thru the routine operations involved fown to the level of individual prgrams.
    • Excludes details.
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