music midterm

  1. popular music from American come from imported traditions. what are these traditions?
    • 1. European American music
    • 2. African American music
    • 3. Latin American
  2. Time frame for European American stream
    from 18th - to middle 19th century
  3. profession composers in England depend heavily on..
  4. What is ballad?
    a type of song in which a series of verses tell a story, often about historical events or personal tragedy
  5. What is strophic?
    melody of verses repeats but the lyrics changes
  6. core of European music lives on what?
    contemporary country music
  7. vocals of the European american tradition derives from ?
    Anglo American tradiiton, also often today as markers of southern white identity
  8. European influences early american tradiitional songs such as ..
    • "Auld Lang Syne"
    • Irish fold melodies
    • etc
  9. dance music - another important of European influences such as
    • circle, square, and line dances
    • -couple dances, such as waltz, and the polka
    • -fast dance (one step based on marching bands)
  10. couple dances are direct predecessors of ...
    African American influence popular dance style of early 20th century
  11. American popular msuic -African inspired by.. .
    slaves brought in from west Africa
  12. most basic expression of the African inspired music was?
  13. What accents is noted for backbeat?
    accents on beats 2 and 4
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