Spanish 203 Chapter 15 of 15

  1. el amor
  2. la pareja
    couple, partner, mate
  3. casarse
    to marry, get married
  4. enamorarse (de)
    to fall in love (with)
  5. expresar los sentimientos
    to express one's feelings
  6. llegar (gu) a conocer
    to get to know
  7. mostrar (ue) cariño en público
    to show affection in public
  8. prestar
    to loan
  9. quererse (ie)
    to love each other
  10. engañar
    to deceive, trick, or swindle
  11. tratar de (+ inf.)
    to try to…
  12. honesto/a
  13. a pesar de
    in spite of, despite
  14. los demás
  15. sin dudar
    without hesitation
  16. avergonzar (üe) (c)
    to embarrass
  17. comunicarse (qu) bien/mal
    to communicte well/poorly
  18. divorciarse
    to divorce, get divorced
  19. dudar en (+ inf.)
    to hesitate to (do something)
  20. hacer daño
    to hurt, harm
  21. llevarse bien/mal
    to get along well/poorly
  22. mantener la distancia entre los dos
    to maintain distance between the two
  23. pelearse
    to fight
  24. quejarse
    to complain
  25. revelar los secretos
    to reveal one's secrets
  26. separarse
    to separate, get separated
  27. tener celos
    to be jealous
  28. tener personalidades/valores incompatibles
    to have incompatible personalities/values
  29. aislado/a
  30. Deberíamos...
    We should...
  31. ¿Querría usted...?
    Would you (formal)...?
  32. el bienestar emocional
    emotional well-being
  33. la cita
  34. los lazos afectivos
    emotional bonds
  35. la relación íntima
    intimate relationship
  36. el romanticismo
  37. comprometerse
    to get engaged
  38. frequentar
    to frequent
  39. mirarse (profundamente) a los ojos
    to star (deeply) into each other's eyes
  40. salir en pareja
    to go out as a couple
  41. charlar
    to chat
  42. conocerse
    to know or be familiar with someone
  43. sano/a
  44. de paseo
    on a walk
  45. para toda la vida
    for life
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