Bobby's Random Notecards VII

  1. Governor of Nevada
    Brian Sandoval
  2. A cost not transmitted through prices
  3. Resulted in the Seven Days to the River Rhine
    Warsaw Pact
  4. Contains the mall GUM
  5. On Denoting
    Bertie Russell
  6. Truman Secretary of Defense
    Louis A. Johnson
  7. Only president from Missouri
  8. Famous for Charles River Bridge case
    Roger Taney
  9. Dreyfuss served at this battle
  10. Bay that indents North Island
    Bay of Plenty
  11. Largest city on the Philippines
    Quezon City
  12. Orsini and Colonna Families fought in this polity
    Papal States
  13. Began with the Exarchate of Ravenna
    Papal States
  14. Four regions of the Papal States
    • Marche
    • Lazio
    • Romagna
    • Umbria
  15. Half brother was Mago
  16. Worked in the political machine of Thomas Pendergast
    Harry Truman
  17. President that was depicted on a pile of skulls
    Zachary Taylor
  18. Was president during Clayton-Bulwer Treaty
    Zachary Taylor
  19. Italian that was head of Argentina during Falklands War
    Leopoldo Galtieri
  20. indefatigable and Queen Mary were sunk
    Battle of Jutland
  21. Opposed by the Jin
  22. Capital was Bianjing
  23. Lost Battle of Yamen
  24. First compass (Chinese Dynasty)
  25. Campaign advisor was Marcus Hanna
    William McKinley
  26. Called "Ice Veins"
    Ben Harrison
  27. Hirohito's dad
  28. Ceded to Sweden in Treaty of Kiel
  29. Bacon in Bacon's rebellion died of…
  30. Sparked by a Doeg Raid
    Bacon's Rebellion
  31. Autonomous province in Southern Georgia
  32. Luther v. Borden was a case concerning what rebellion/state
    Dorr's Rebellion/Rhode Island
  33. Dynasty opposed by the Vietnameses Trung Sisters
    Han Dynasty
  34. Dynasty that won the battle of Gaixia
    Han Dynasty
  35. Treated Gen. Zwicker like crap
    Joseph McCarthy
  36. How did Humayun die?
    Fell down a bunch of steps in his library
  37. Akbar's court nickname
    Nine Jewels
  38. Son of Sargon II and his empire
  39. Led the Rainbow Division
  40. Parietal Cells are in…
  41. Must be distinguished according to Durkheim's Elementary Forms of Religious Life
    Sacred and Profane
  42. The "Sacred Way" was key to this Battle
  43. Brooks-Baxter War occurred in what state?
  44. Eisenhower presidency Operation
    Operation Blue Bat
  45. Cyrus the Great's capital city
  46. Two Cyrus the Great Battles
    • Opis
    • Thymbra
  47. Killed a bunch of people in Goliad Massacre
    Santa Anna
  48. Signed Treaty of Velasco
    Santa Anna
  49. Plan de Casa Marta was this guy
    Santa Anna
  50. Killed Jacques de Molay
    Phillip IV
  51. Lost Battle of the Golden Spirs
    Phillip IV
  52. Rideau River (City)
  53. Had the idea of Elan Vital
    Henri Bergson
  54. Banking family from Germany
  55. Largest Salivary Gland
    Parotid Gland
  56. Capital of the Toltec
  57. What does the Rosetta Stone talk about?
    Chief Priests and Ptolemy
  58. Two types of Traveling Salesman Problem
    • Bottleneck
    • Politician
  59. Leaders of the Thermidorean Reaction
    • Paul Barras
    • Jean Lambert Tallien
    • Joseph Fouche
  60. Church Dogmatics
    Karl Barth
  61. Developed a type of camouflage pink
    Louis Mountbatten
  62. Victory for Pontiac over the British
    Bloody Run
  63. Presided over the Tejeros Convention
    Emiliano Aguinaldo
  64. Partially recognized state in Western Sahara
  65. Led the Duchy of Bavaria
    Pepin the Hunchback
  66. Was invaded to start the Potato War
  67. First US Attorney General
    Edmund Randolph
  68. Introduced to Congress by Edmund Randolph
    Virginia Plan
  69. Main river in Bulgaria
    Maritsa River
  70. Mountain chains in Bulgaria
    • Rila
    • Pirin
  71. French tried to lash ships together at this battle
    Battle of Slluys
  72. Scots tried to build a colony in this region
    Darien Gap
  73. Tenure of Kings and Magistrates
    John Milton
  74. Reagan-era Surgeon General
    C. Everett Koop
  75. Party with "75,000 executed"
    French Communist Party
  76. Pareto talked about these two animals
    • Lion
    • Fox
  77. Manado is a city on this island
  78. Gulf near Sulawesi
    Gulf of Tomini
  79. Politician that used a Double Shuffle
    John A. Macdonald
  80. William Almon helped people in
    Chesapeake Affair
  81. Called the City of Sandalwood
  82. Jewel Cave is in
    Black Hills
  83. Led Hungary before the Arrow Cross Party took over
    Miklos Horthy
  84. A revolution in Wallachia began this conflict
    Greek War of Independence
  85. Louis XIV edict
    Edict of Fontainebleau
  86. Lost to Thomas Eagleton in Missouri Senate election
    Edward Long
  87. Libby Dam dams one of this river's tributaries
  88. This man's tomb has a 16-point star on is
    Philip II of Macedon
  89. Repealed in 1999
    Glas Steagall Act
  90. Garn-St. Germain Act amended this Act
    Glass Steagall Act
  91. Gramm-Leach-Billey Act
    Glass Steagall Act
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