Chapter 33 Invertebrates

  1. suspension feeder
    Aquatic animal(sponge) that feeds by sifting small food particles from the water.
  2. Choanocytes
    feeded cell found in sponges.
  3. Polyps
    The sessile variant for the cnidarian body plan
  4. Cnidocytes
    Specialized cell unique to Cnidaira.
  5. Planarian
    free living flatworm found in unpollinated ponds and streams.
  6. Mantle
    one of the 3 main parts of a moluse; a fold of tissue that drapes over the molusc's vacuole.
  7. Radula
    straplike organ used by many mollusc's during feeding.
  8. open circulatory system
    circulartory system which fluid called hemolymph bathes the tissues and organs directly and ther is no distintion between the circulating fluid and the interstitial fluid.
  9. Chelicera
    one of a pair of clawlike feeding appendages characteristics of cheliceriforms.
  10. Metamorphosis
    development transformation that turns an animal larva into either an adult like stage that is not yet sexually mature.
  11. notochord
    flexible rod made of packed mesodermal cells that runs along the anterior-posterior axis of a chordate in the dorsal part of the body.
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